So I was singing a little song that I’ve loved since I was a child. I’m not sure why I like it so much but I do, and it’s probably the main reason that I first liked Hudson Hawk. The song is ‘Swinging on a Star’ performed by Frank Sinatra.

So I was singing it as I tidied up some dishes and this character of Aster came to life in my head (Because clearly I need more). I don’t know if much will come of her, Sam has suggested a tie in to one of her characters who features in one of the Shadows of Avalon stories, and I quite like that idea. But we shall see, for now she’s given me a little hello and I thought I’d share it with you.


“Would you like to swing on a star, carry moonbeams home in a jar, and be better off than you are, or would you rather be a fish.” Aster sat on a rock looking over the beach as she sang. She had always loved this song, Frankie had sung it to her when she had been a child, he’d sung it when he’d been sent down to the world. He wasn’t still here, but now she was. Her father had told her that they had no need for her any longer. She had been the one to carry the moonbeams, and shift the stars. There were a lot of them who did, but no longer. Only two were needed now to bring the magic of the moonbeams down from the heavens and wash them over those who believed and who needed that touch of magic. So few believed now in magic, and for it Aster had been cast down to earth to see if she could bring magic back into the hearts of man and earn her job once more.

She looked up at the sky and watched a star shoot across the sky, that too had been her job, hardly anyone ever even wished on the first star or the shooting star now, even children didn’t believe in the power of magic.

Aster was no stranger to this world, it was not hard to fit in, she had a home all the things she needed, her father gifting her much gold which had given her a healthy bank account. He had seemed sad as he had said farewell to his youngest daughter and sent her down to the world. So living here was no terrible thing, though Aster did miss her family and friends, her greatest concern was how she could bring people back to magic, to a world that they had to believe to see, to seeing wonder in the mundane and looking for miracles and magic all around them.

The world had changed but Aster needed to do this, to lose her job was one thing, but if the world ceased to believe, they would cease to exist all together.



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