It’s been nearly a year, well more around three quarters of a year. I’ve been busy, with Stuff and Things. (I was doing stuff and things before Rick made it cool 😉 ) But I’m trying to get back on track. I’ve got ventures that I’m returning too and one of them is what this blog was designed for. Motivating me, and motivating me as a writer. So I’m going to start doing it. I’m going to be focusing on my writing and getting things finished.

You all know me and my million and one ideas basically every day. I’ve been trying to get around that more, writing down my ideas rather than trying to write every single one. (I still keep trying to write them though….)

But I went through and I made a list of all the work I’ve had sitting too long that I need to finish, that I want to finish. It’s a big list. But here we go (working titles on nearly all of them, not what they’re going to be called):

1. Shadows of Avalon – Nyssa’s Tale

2. Shadows of Avalon – Tales of the Lake

3. Babypire

4. Eiridis

5. Fae Tales (From Jaidee’s tale of avenging her sister onwards)

6. Children of the Immortals. (The Ancient stories through to the modern storylines, including side stories like Maya)

7. The Guardians

8. Team Secret Squirrel (not really what it will be called but I still like to call those stories that)

9. Tiffany’s Story

10. Zarina’s Song

11. The tale of Cassie Rose

12. Cursed Eva

13. The Selkie

14. Jasmine’s story

15. TinkerHook

16. Nienna of the Fallen

17. Reckless Ryna

18. Lina’s story

19. Kayla’s Tale

20. My Fairy Tales (Minerva the Witch, A Princess Prepares etc)

21. Karalyn’s stories (Or at least rework them into other things.)

22. After Dead

Then there is all the new stuff, Tale Spin especially my most preshus Beckum stories, my Briar and the VERY populated and amazing world she’s now part of and all the amazing rest.

So many new characters and stories, so many words written myself and with those I am lucky enough to collaborate and write with.

But now it is time for me to get some focus and start putting in the hard yards that isn’t just all about fun times and the next cute idea. If I want to be published, if I want to share my words with the world then I have to be focused and I have to be committed because no one else can be for me.




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    1. It’s wonderful to be back, and to be getting focused again. I haven’t checked in in so long, I hope all is wonderful with you!
      Yeap, TinkerHook…It’s a strange kind of story idea I had years ago that I finally started to put down on paper. (A handsome Killian Jones Captain Hook might have helped re-inspire just a little bit >.>) I should maybe post up the first part as a teaser WIP soon…. 😀

      1. All is well with me, thanks 😀 And I totally understand the Killian Jones thing, I’m stuck on Once Upon a Time myself at the moment (which my last few posts can attest to lol)! I can’t wait to read it if you do post it! 😀

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