Seriously though, there are moments when I am feeling just a bit of…hmmmm about this whole thing. I don’t believe it is the end of the world, especially considering at the time it’s “supposed” to happen I’m going to be in a car heading to pick up Buffy from the airport, so really, no thanks.

Technology seems to be having a little end of the world tantrum, servers biting the dust, phones having black screens of death (and annoyance) and routers that suddenly forget everything they have been programmed and then promptly forget it all again. (Seriously don’t get me started, that’s an hour of writing time down the drain because….wait I said to not get me started…)

To take this post in another direction I plan on making this the end of life as I know it. It doesn’t mean the end of the world, it means the end of the world as we know it and I am fine with that if I take control. There are those things that I’ve been harping on about all year and what do you know I’ve achieved some and not others but how about I kick-start the new year early and from the 21st make my life more than it has been. The usual blah – eating better, working out more and writing writing WRITING. I plan on 2013 being all kinds of incredible and I forge ahead to the life that I dream of with my friends and loved ones. We are going to achieve amazing things.

But in the meantime technology this is for you. The world isn’t ending, stop having your damn tantrums and behave or it will be the end for you. *Insert maniacal laughter here*

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  1. I honestly am sitting back and watching all the end of world stuff with some amused cynicism. We had it before New Years 2000, we had it back in… I think it was ’88 over the harmonic conversion or whatever (I was 9 so you’ll have to forgive my memory).. people just need to chill. I suspect if the physical world was going to end… the people who watch the stars and the tectonic plates etc., would tell us eventually… or we’ll be waking up on Friday morning to several dozen space ships in the sky with big LAZORRRRS. And realistically, we can’t really do all that much to stop it if it does come. I had Y2K in Hamilton, and it was hilarious because when midnight came someone shut off all the lights for like three seconds. When they all came on again everyone was so relieved and then laughed at each other, it was great!

    There does seem to be something funky with the energy lately, and it’s doing stupid ass things to my sleeping patterns (in a flood or drought pattern, it’s most inconvenient), but energy doesn’t destroy worlds or kill people.

    Personally, I think it’s more of a shifting towards a more enlightened future for humanity as a whole, like a tipping point where things will change quickly and we’re going to look back at this time and wonder why we didn’t notice how much change is happening. That’s far more optimistic than end of the world paranoia… and there’s power in hope and change so that’s what I’m sticking to! At least until that first mothership with LAZORRS. XD

    1. We shan’t have any LAZORRS here, the Doctor will save us!! I was 8 in 88 and have no memory at all of anything like that. I honestly think we’d feel it if we only had a few days to live and I honestly feel I have quite the bright future in front of me.

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