So I’ve been quiet on the blog all week, in fact I’ve been a bit of a lazy bum all week. I can tell because you want to know something that sucks? Losing the same 800 grams a second time around. That is what being a lazy bum and eating not so good will get you. I have however managed to write words. I have written many words, some for novels and some for Role Play. I even started a new idea, just a short story but I wanted to write something dark and something just a little bit unfy. (For those of you who haven’t been brainwashed by social media as I have, this means I wanted to write something more along the saucy lines of things.) As with half the stuff I write I have no idea where it is going really but it will get there in the end. I’m hoping to get some more written on it today, it’s just a little tale so far, just over the one thousand words mark.
I thought I’d give a little teaser, I plan on posting it up on the site once it is finished.
I hope everyone is having a fabulous Easter, regardless of what traditions and meaning it has for you.

And now meet Cassie Rose and the dark predator who has entered her life…

A Rose by any other name (A Work in Progress)
She looked up in time to meet his eyes and by then it was too late.
His hands wrapped around her throat, squeezing, his fingers trapped the scream before she could make it. His face hovered close to hers, his eyes shone with the blackness that consumed them and his mouth twisted in a dangerous grin.
“You share your mothers scent.”
Cassie struggled to breathe, her own eyes reflected fear but now confusion. Her mother had been killed twenty five years ago when Cassie has been three, murdered while Cassie slept. The longer she looked into those eyes, the more she felt herself slip away, he released her and smiled. Her heart skipped a beat and this time it was not all for fear.
He turned and walked away and without any hesitation she followed, she left the front door open as she followed him to his car. She did not jump as his hand slid up her thigh, she remained quiet and pliant as he drove her from town and out into the country to an old manor house surrounded by ancient trees.
Nephilim house.
She remained quiet as he led her inside and set her down on a chair. Her eyes went wide but her body showed no other reaction as he drew a knife from the table and nicked her throat. He ran his tongue along the blade. “Sweet, like all Rose women.”

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      1. And Monarch of the Glen just gave me a quote.. “Ancient treachery will always triumph over youth and horse power.” seems appropriate.. For our dark beasts.

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