I sent ‘A Queen’s Tale’ off to be edited today. I will be very happy to have it done and back available for download. The only negative feedback the story received so far was for the editing, and even the negative said the story was great. Self-publishing was a steep learning curve which I always knew it would be.

The moment I got my first negative review all I saw was the negative, all I felt was the feeling of being chastised and told off. I didn’t see the good comments, I didn’t see the 4 stars given. For the first day I kind of missed the point. Feedback doesn’t mean you failed. Feedback means you can do better.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better. –Samuel Beckett

I know I have a lot to learn, I also know that I have the stories to tell. No matter what I do voices and their stories keep invading my mind. This is my dream and no amount of hard work can deter me.

For those who are new to the Justine show, ‘A Queen’s Tale’ is the first work in our ‘Shadows of Avalon’ series. A modern take on the concept of the tales of Arthur and his knights, and Avalon. It was an introductory teaser novella to introduce some of the characters before the release of ‘Nyssa’s Tale’ the first novel in the series. I self-published it on Smashwords. After much positive feedback but comments on the editing I took it down. One of the biggest things I learned from the experience was how different sentence structure could be between countries – namely New Zealand and the US. I was told by people who had lived in the US for a time that they basically had to relearn how to speak once they got there and again once they got back to New Zealand. This is still an on-going thing for me as I like my voice, I like my style of writing, but I also want to tackle the US market, which is one reason I set about looking for a professional editor. It’s one reason I want to get a professional agent and be professionally published for the novels I have coming forth. I am still planning to republish ‘A Queen’s Tale’ once it is edited. And I will be promoting the wonderful woman Kendra who is working with me to edit this as she is just starting to break into the business.

At the end of the day my dream was never to be an Indie Author and I am in awe of the people that are. But I am going to keep going with my dream to travel down the regular author path. Who knows where the future will take me, all I know is my dreams are calling and I am powerless to not heed the call.

Oh look, I rambled again…

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  1. Your diction seems fairly normal to me. Then again my area of the US is criticised by the rest of the US for our funny accents and phrasing. When I wrote papers.. or essays.. I go with Oxford Standard English. In RP(which isn’t like book writing I know) or any little short things I do.. I go with where ever the character is from. Like how I don’t use contractions on Branna and sometimes fake a nominative verb like Hiberno-English does.. I used to get criticism over it.. but now most people leave me alone on that..

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