It’s been a while, I’ve been working on some novel stuff but I know I need to get back into a good habit of writing. I had a request for more Rachel and Herger, so here we go. (If there is someone you want more of, feel free to ask. Sometimes it helps to know who I’m meant to write for.)

You can find more of Rachel’s stories so far here and here. Technically you can find another couple of drabbles, but I’ll leave that for you to work out or you can wait for the big reveals. For now, enjoy today’s story.

Say Goodbye

“I didn’t realise today was Saint Patrick’s Day,” Matthew said as he stepped inside the tent. He looked hot and sweaty even though the day was completely overcast. And he had smudges of dirt all over his face.

“What are you talking about, Matty?” Rachel got up from the desk and grabbed the packet of wet wipes. She pulled free one, and treating Matthew like she would her own son, she started to clean his face off for him.

“You look green.”

“I do not,” Rachel replied. She was trying to recall if she could have gotten any green ink on her face but she was sure she had not even used her green pen today.

“You do. I guess it’s because a certain professor is back today.”

“Oh, shut your face.” Rachel threw the dirty wipe at Matthew. Her cheeks had instantly turned pink at the mention of Herger. Yes, she was, in fact, feeling quite sick at the thought of his return. She was dreading him returning with a spring in his step and an immovable smile on his face.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want him happy. She just was sick with jealousy that it was someone else that held his heart and created his happiness.

“Ah, so it’s true. You wear the green face for the professor.”

“You’re so full of it.”

“I think you’re the one full of it. Full of the lurve. I might have to go and cry for my broken heart.”

“As I already said, you’re so full of it,” Rachel said. She couldn’t help but laugh as he pantomimed dying of a broken heart. “And no, I’m just busy trying to get things ready for my absence, remember I’m going to be gone for a week. I leave first thing in the morning.”

“So then the professor can pine after you while you’re gone. I like it, good balance.”

“Pine after me? Did you have another of the poles fall on your head? Or is this exhaustion speaking?”

“Why shouldn’t he? You’re beautiful, you’re gorgeous! You’re every man’s dream.”

“And you’re full of it.”

Matthew was sweet but he was clearly a bit crazy. Herger had not looked at her before the fashion beauty came into his life, or back into it as some people said. He would not be looking at her now.

“I have to get going, Matthew. Herger gets in on the tiny plane of doom in an hour and he will need a ride back to the village.”

“Give him a kiss from me,” Matthew said and winked at Rachel. He left her to pack up her bag and find the keys to take Herger’s rental car and go and pick him up.

Rachel was still shaking her head at Matthew’s antics when she got in the car. She felt physically sick as she pulled out from the site and down the gravel road, dust kicking up in her rear view as she accelerated too quickly. She arrived at the airport to find out that Herger had been delayed, he would not be coming in just a half hour before she would fly out to head home to Shaun for his school camp as she had promised.

Heart heavy but moderately relieved at the same time, Rachel drove back to the bed and breakfast house that she and a few of the others were staying in. She stayed up late packing, distracted often by thoughts of Herger. Many of them quite x-rated. She fell into bed around one in the morning and dreamed.

“Does it hurt much?”

“If I say yes, will you stay with me?” She looked up into his bright eyes. They were a bright blue tonight, sometimes they almost seemed green. It was the first time that she had been this close to stare into them. Herger was leaning down over her looking at her wound where the bullet had grazed her.

“I shall stay even if you say no.”

“Then I shall say it did hurt but it feels numb after what they put on it. It went cold.”

“I am pleased to hear that. You were very lucky.”

“I know, I hope Els is okay. We never thought another woman would betray us like that. Not for him.”

“You cannot underestimate the selfishness of people,” Herger said and gently moved the bandage to look at her wound.

She smiled as she watched him look at it. He was so close, maybe she should wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him. Surely he would not reject the injured woman….

Rachel woke up feeling exhausted. It had been a strange dream, one of those ones that were clearly set in the past but Herger was still Herger. It was also one of the most G-rated dreams she’d had about him in a while.

Rachel dressed and headed for the airport. At least Herger’s car would be there when he arrived, in case he was late again. She could leave the keys with the woman in the office. Airport was kind of a generous term, it was more an airstrip with a building.

“Rachel. Hello.”

“Herger. Goodbye.” Rachel replied with a laugh. Her stomach was doing back flips at the sight of him. She tried not to turn into a lovesick fool gazing at him but she was sure that her cheeks were blushing of their own accord.


“I’m off for the week to my son’s school camp.”

“I completely forgot.”

“I’m sure your mind has been on other things while you’ve been away,” Rachel replied and tried not to sound sad or bitter about that. It was not her place to be, no matter her feelings for him. “Matthew has everything under control and he can fill you in on what’s been happening. I’ll be back in a week.”

Remembering the car keys she quickly gave them to Herger before she ended up flying away with them. Without thinking she leant up and kissed Herger’s cheek as he took the keys. She actually kissed him goodbye and she was traumatised by it. Forcing a laugh, she blushed and tried not to look away. “That was from Matthew. He dared me. Tell him he owes me twenty when I get back. See you then.”

Tripping over her luggage, Rachel beat a hasty retreat from Herger and went to get her bag on the plane before she boarded. She could see him from her window but was unable to make out his face. She did notice him wave as the plane taxied and she waved back to him.

She hoped Matthew would back her up on the dare, and he had told her to give Herger a kiss from him after all. A week was a long time, maybe Herger would have forgotten about it when she got back. One could hope, right?


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