I’ve had a huge response of song lyrics (but please keep them coming) and using a random number generator picked this lovely lyric for today’s prompt. Thanks for @faerierebel for the suggestion.

So I have written today’s warm up. The muse inspired voices not yet seen in the world for the most part, but that I hope to share soon. But here, have a little story to wet your appetite:

Will you still love me when I shine from words but not from beauty?

It was hard to be the beloved of an immortal, or nearly immortal, being. Especially when age claimed you as easily as any other around you.

Twenty years and lines would deepen around her eyes, her eyes would not be as bright and they would not see as well. Things would probably sag, probably get bigger and well, he would be exactly the same.

The poem was not helping.

Will you still love me when I shine

From words but not from beauty

Would he? Should he?

Would she change to be like him if she could?

Stupid questions.

Yes, he would love her. She knew his feelings well enough to know that he loved her through to her soul. He was not capable of being so shallow as to fall out of the love that had grown between them because of how she looked.

Yes. She would change to be like him. She had before, though it had been ill-fated in that life. She would again to be with him until death did them part. She did not want him alone and unloved while her soul sought a way to return to him.

Étain watched Dai as he worked at the forge, moulding the metal to meet his will. The skills he had learned from his Step-Father so long ago. He had barely changed since those times and her soul had been taken from him twice since. He had lived waiting for her to return again. How could she make him wait given she remembered how it felt to be denied the one you loved?

She had searched long days, months, years, to find him. To prove herself worthy of him. She had done so, he had now repaid the favour times over.

“If there is a way for my soul to become immortal, as you are, Dai. Would you take me as your wife again?”

There was a loud sound of banging followed by loud cursing. Dai twisted and jumped around. He had been so startled by the question he had dropped his hammer on his foot.

“Christ, Love. Warn a man before you blindside him like that,” Dai replied. He was clearly pained right now, though it would pass swifter than had he been a mere mortal like herself.

In fact, Étain was quite certain had it been her foot, it would have been crushed completely.

“I am not sure how I might have warned you, but I do apologise for causing your pain,” Étain said and got up to help Dai to his chair.

“You might have said you meant to ask a silly question.”

“It is not a silly question, given our history, I shall take no things for granted. You left me once when we were wed.”

“A curse and my stubbornness took me from you, I am not that same man now and my mother can no longer come between us,” Dai said softly and took Étain’s hands within his own. “If this is what you truly wish, I would be the happiest man in the City, nay, in all the realms. Do you wish it? For yourself?”

“I do wish it. Though I know you would still love me if I grew old and gnarled as an old tree. I would rather remain this time with you, Dai. Whatever trials I must undergo this life to be your wife, I shall. My heart demands it.”

“My sweet Psyche,” Dai murmured and kissed her. “Whatever trials it takes, we shall face them together. I will move worlds to be allowed to stay at your side and love you.”

From the other room, Maggie and Krystia watched. The old healer muttered to herself before she turned to face Maggie. “You’re takin’ that Lass from me ain’t ya?”

“I am doing nothing, Krystia. You of all people should know that souls as destined as those two are, will not be kept apart. Psyche will always search for her love. And Eros will ever need her. But you are not losing her yet. And perhaps in the place their story began they will find their answers.”

“Aye, as always, you’re right.”

“An annoying habit of mine according to Terrence. Now, how about you brew a pot of your tea and then after we shall tell them you leave for Greece tomorrow night.”

“Aye, that I can do.”

The two women left the young woman and her immortal lover to their moment. Maggie knew it made sense that they had been reunited again, history spun in circles like a spiral, always repeating. She simply hoped that this time the Fates would not make them lose each other again. They had earned a happy ending.


I hope you enjoyed this little warm-up story. I enjoyed being told it. And if you’re using the prompt yourself, link me to your writing. I’d love to read how the words move your muse.


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