Dear Gods, this seemed so fitting today and it did not take long for the Muse to run with the concept. And from it, an old almost forgotten character from a long discarded novel rose up and was reborn. I should call the story “Some way out of here” but it gave me it’s own name. I do hope you enjoy it or take something away from it, today of all days.

Today of All Days

“There must be some way out of here, right? Like a portal that is still open?”

“There are very few that can move between the realms and the portals will only begin to open again once the Second Age ends.”

“Kinda feels like that’s happening now,” Tia said as she flopped backwards onto the couch, her knees bent over the arm. “From what I have read, researched and seen, the destruction of the end of the First Age appears to be beginning here. Both natural and man-made.”

“You are very observant, Tia. The Second Age is beginning to end but it will take it to end for magic to truly return and the realms to become open again. Should the world survive.”

“I’ve been worrying about that.” Tia turned her head and looked over at her mentor. She was looking out the window and there was such sadness in her. Tia wished she could ease that but she knew that things would get worse before they could get better.

And today of all days it felt like it was about to get worse. Tia had been expecting it, she was a student of history, she knew that everything went in cycles and this cycle was bound to return. She just had not expected to see it in her lifetime. Not while there were people alive who had seen this happen before.

But here they were, the world reeked of fear, distrust, hate and rage. Violence was in the air and it was hard not to worry that violence would touch innocents and loved ones.

Tia sighed. “What can I do?”

“What you have been doing. Continue your studies, continue to grow yourself, continue to teach and aid, to train, reach out to those in need. Reach out to those who feel powerless. Hug the world.”

“My arms might get sore,” Tia laughed dryly. Her mentor remained silent and after a few minutes, Tia left her to her thoughts.

The sun was shining outside, the morning breeze blowing straight through her light clothing. Tia could have gone back inside but chose to endure the chill. It seemed fitting today, the ominous chill went beyond the wind. Tia had no real power to know the future but it felt like anyone with any kind of sensitivity could feel what was to come.

Mama Midnight appeared from behind the rosemary bush in the garden and came to weave around Tia’s legs as she sat down on one of the outdoor chairs. Tia reached down and picked her up, scratching behind her ears until she purred. “What about you, Em? You worried at all?”

The cat bumped her head against Tia’s hand, she seemed unconcerned with the way of the world. At least today. Tia had been watching her more often, she was the best early warning system that the earth was about to have another tantrum. There had been countless earthquakes in recent times, one of Tia’s friends was certain that ancient viruses would start to be released and a zombie apocalypse would begin.

Things like that no longer seemed that far-fetched.

Not that Tia was too worried about zombie attacks, she was the descendant of one of the greatest warrior woman of the Ancient times, and she was clearly a chip off the old block. The ultimate threat according to her best friend, she had the brains, a history and classical studies teacher, she had the beauty, even Tia could admit that without feeling too egotistical, and she had the brawn, prize-winning athlete and fighter. Not to mention her magical studies. Tia had her plate full most weeks. Which was perhaps why she lacked much of a social life these days.

Would her plate be getting fuller or emptier as time moved forward? She was in the profession of educating but it seemed like some people would prefer the world uneducated. Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it, and those who do learn from history it seemed were doomed to stand by helplessly and watch the world burn.

“I’m a gloomy guts, aren’t I? Yes, I am. Yes, I am.” Tia babbled to Mama Midnight as she rubbed her face against the cat’s shiny black fur. She was a gloomy guts but today of all days she could take a moment to wallow in the unknown and the fear. But only a moment. She was a warrior at heart and she could not simply watch defeat march towards them. Not while she had any breath left in her body.

Tia let Mama Midnight down to go and chase blowing leaves across the grass, she watched her and let her mind wander.

She had wondered if the Second Age was ending, and Tia knew what kind of upheaval that would mean for the world. She absolutely understood the agony that Megea and the Wiccad had felt in Ancient times, to be so powerful, and also, so helpless.

“No, I can’t wallow all day. I’ll just make myself cry.”

Tia got to her feet and pulled her socks off to stand on the grass. The ground felt cool beneath her feet but it also felt like a steadying presence. She reached out with her energies and grounded herself, like a tree setting down roots to hold her steady and sustain her. She reached out with her arms to the sky, like the tree reaching out to grow. She let her arms move with the wind, eyes closed. She lowered her arms feeling calm and centred. She could feel the energy of the world like this, feel the power in the sunlight that warmed her arms. Tia felt empowered as she stood there, Mama Midnight now curling around her legs.

Tia felt calm and powerful, a ripple ran through her body and she released that power back out into the world. Somewhere out there someone would need it.

Many would need it, today of all days.



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