A haunting song that could only lead to a haunting tale. Sometimes it’s hard to do these without giving away spoilers of things to come in the books but I do my best. Back in time again we go, enjoy.

Lovers entwined divine


“We might only have this night.”

“Then we love with all that is in us until I see you again. I will see you again?”

“Not with these eyes perhaps but I will find you.”

“You swear it?”

“I swear it.”

She took his blade and pierced his thumb and then her own. She mixed their blood and marked their foreheads. An ancient promise, the magic in the blood.

He kissed her fiercely. The fates were cruel and again and again, they were ripped apart. This time, at least this time they remembered the past and they pleaded for a future. A future where they could love each other, where they could stay together. A future where she was not hunted and he was not taken.

This present was not that future, they both knew it. Those who pursued them were too close to them now and there was no escape. A great ocean lay at their backs and soldiers approached from all directions. He would fight, fight until he had no fight left in him. She would fight, she would try to flee, but they both knew how it ended. How it always ended.

“To love me is danger and pleasure but your love is my only treasure. I will wait for you. I will search for you.”

She stood and unlaced the ties that held her dress together at the shoulders and it fell to her ankles leaving her bathed in nothing but the waning moonlight. He was quick to remove his own clothes but left his sword close. They did not know how much time they had and he would have need of it before the sun rose, that much they knew.

“I will wait for you, I will come for you. I swear it, my shining one.” There were tears in his eyes now, he was not happy to be lost to her so soon after they had found each other. After they had remembered each other. “My Queen. My goddess.”

She smiled at him and at the memory of other lives, of other times he had called her goddess and kissed her. He did so again. His lips claiming hers with an almost bruising force.

He called her goddess and then he would be gone. The fates would see to it.

But they had tonight.

“I bind myself to you again, my soul and heart are yours,” She spoke ancient words of promise and union.

“I bind myself to you again, my heart and soul remain yours,” He replied as he slowly lowered them down onto the rough blanket that would be their bed this night.

“I give myself willingly.”

“I give myself willingly.”

There were no words after that, none were needed.

A wind rose up, whipping around them but never touching them. For these moments the very elements would give them privacy, would keep all who might harm them at bay. It was a gift of the cruel fates, there would be a balance. Good for the bad. And there would be bad.

At sunrise, the soldiers came, led by a man who would never feel anything but hate for them both. A petty man who had taken more power than he was entitled to and still wished for more.

The two lovers stood side by side. He lifted his sword and she wielded the magic she wished to be free of.

Many lay dead when the battle was finished. She wept over the body of her beloved, his blood soaking her body.

“I will find you again,” She promised and then they came for her.

When they were done with her she would not remember as she had. Her body and mind would be broken again. This was her curse and her punishment.

At least this time she knew why. At least this time the daughter of the Dragon Queen remembered.


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