I’m running on a lack of good and restful sleep at the moment so today’s warm up is decidedly shorter than yesterday. And I’m not surprised that Jaidee decided this quote was for her, enjoy!

You don’t see Me

In the centre of the flame, she danced. It was a real flame but bigger than she stood and the heat of it burned nothing around it. Not even her.

She spun, she leapt high and crouched down. The flame followed her, it flickered as she twirled. It was truly magical to watch her dance. And then with a thump of the drums, and her foot, the song ended and the flame went out.

The room was plunged into darkness but not silence, as applause erupted from all. Eyes searched for her in the sudden darkness. Lamps were lit again but the stage was empty.

The infamous bard had vanished in the darkness.

Kelsen was on his feet instantly, alert to any danger. It would be just like Jaidee to get herself into trouble so easily.

“Damn woman attracts it,” Kelsen muttered as he effortlessly navigated the crowd so he could get into the back rooms of the tavern.

Jaidee was being helped to a table in the kitchens by two of the staff. She was pale and barely able to stand up, let alone walk or dance again.”

“For the love of the Ancients, what have you done to yourself, woman?”

“There are many women in here, Kelsen. Perhaps if you used a name one would know to respond.” There was a hint of reprimand in Jaidee’s tone, but only a hint. She was too weak to even tell Kelsen off adequately which only furthered his worry.

“Jaidee, this is not the time. What have you done?”

“I danced.”

“I have seen you dance many times, it never causes this to happen.” Kelsen extracted the bard from her helpers and swung her up into his arms.

“You almost sound worried.”

“Almost? And here I thought I was clear, foolish woman. You should not have done the flame dance for these people.” The dance was also known as the Dance of the Dragon Queens and it was forbidden in their realm.

“Who said I did it for them?” Jaidee replied.

“What do you mean?”

Silence greeted Kelsen’s question, Jaidee had fainted. He let out a frustrated sigh, almost glaring at her. But he held her gently as he carried her from the tavern and when they were out of sight of any curious eyes, he ported them back to her forest home.

He lay her down on her bed and looked down at her. She risked too much and for no purpose. Those people did not even realise the great gift they had witnessed. Why had it weakened her so much? Why was her power so depleted?

When she woke, she would explain, even if he had to extract it from her. Thankfully, his means of convincing her to be truthful with him would be pleasurable for them both.

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