I have loved this song since it came out and I think there are a few of us that can relate to some of the lyrics, unfortunately. The Faes in my head seem to be attention hogs at the moment, but that’s nothing new. Enjoy! And thank you Brandee for the inspiring lyric!

You don’t really want to mess with me

A tight dress, a made-up face. It was not for him, though.

Anyone could tell as they watched the girl with her friends, as they drank and they danced, she was not here tonight for anyone but herself. She was celebrating freedom. She was celebrating healing.

Her heart had been broken and now it was healed. She could live her life without tears and pain and she was rejoicing in this fact. She was feeling attractive, and the only person she cared about seeing her beauty was herself.

Anyone watching could tell.

Well, almost anyone.

I sat with my drink in my hand watching the crowd. I did it a lot, drinking my share but only interacting when the mood took me. Tonight, it did not. Tonight, I just wanted to watch the world and not be part of it. My heart was heavy, my pain too close to the surface. I was not good company but I did not want to be alone. In the darkened corners of the club, that was fine. A few approached, a glance drove them away.

But my eyes were drawn to her. I think I was jealous of her. My heart never healed from my loss, though it was a different loss to hers. I envied the hope that surrounded her as she bounced around to the loud music.

I saw him coming before she did but I did nothing. I watched. His intention was clear, and his ego unmissable. I’d seen others like him before. Men and Women. I believe the phrase most would use is that they think they are god’s gift. I had known no gods but from the stories, I could see where the phrase came from.

There was nothing God-like about this man. Well, unless you were thinking of Zeus. I knew his reputation and I had seen him in action to know it was well deserved.

His hands were on her before he had even opened his mouth. She pulled away and politely terminated their interactions. He was not ready to accept goodbye. Or defeat.

In that moment, her friends were not to be seen, he had surely known this before he approached. She was alone and she was uncomfortable. He was taking advantage of her being so unsure.

And so, I stood and I approached.

I did not interfere in the lives of mortals. I did not make anyone else’s business my own. I had once been a healer and since I could not heal myself, I did not aid any other.

Tonight I could not simply watch this play out. I knew too well where it would end up. I would not see her hurt like that.

“She said to leave her alone.”

His eyes turned to me and they bugged a little bit. It is not ego to know I am regarded as beautiful. It is fact that though I ignore my powers I am Fae still and they say, magically alluring.

“Jealous, sexy?”

I exhaled a bored sound. “She said to leave her alone. I suggest you go home and think about your life.”

“Fuck off, bitch.” His interest turned to anger. How dare I tell him off! How dare I judge him! How dare I interfere!

She had moved behind me as I spoke. She was shaking, and even ignoring my powers I could sense the fear that radiated off her. I let her take my hand and she calmed.

I had spent centuries ignoring my powers but there were still tricks I could call upon. Mortals such as this man were too easy, they lacked magic of their own.

There was a slight glow about my skin now as I looked at him. My eyes seemed to become nothing but silver. A simple glamour and one only he was party to. The glow grew and his breath seemed to stick in his throat.

“This is your final warning. We have been watching you and should you touch another without permission we will come for you. You will leave and you will make it your life’s work to learn how you should treat others around you. You will make it your life’s work to learn compassion. To learn empathy. To learn respect. When next I see you, if you cannot prove your worth you will be punished.”

I thought he might wet his trousers with the look of fear on his face. I felt almost amused, that had to be the vodka I’d been drinking. It wasn’t amusing. He wasn’t amusing. He was disgusting and too many lacked empathy in this world.

He fled without a word and I doubted he was going to heed my words, but there was a small part of me that hoped.

“That was…wow.” The young woman hugged me and I returned her hug.

I was starved of contact, by my own doing, it felt good to hug. It seemed she needed it as much as I did and we stood there for more than half a minute before the hug broke and she blushed.

“Go find your friends, and do not be afraid to scream for help. There are more people willing to help than you might imagine.”

I sent her on her way and retook my seat in the shadows. She had been doing just fine before he approached her and I knew she would be doing just fine now he was gone. Maybe he’d learn not to mess with people.

I doubted it.

But I’d done something good tonight, now I did not feel so guilty as I drank myself into oblivion to ignore my own demons.

I had this feeling that if my sister, Jaidee, could have seen what had happened she would have had hope for me. But there was no hope to be had. I could save another, but I did not want to save myself.

I did not deserve it.

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