After a few days away (Guns N’ Roses was amazing), I am back with more warm up writing. Today’s lyric comes from the Lyric Giving Queen, Lynn. It took a while for inspiration to hit but then it did, so, enjoy!

My Heart Break

I thought only love could break your heart. Only a woman or a man you gave your heart to could make it ache.

But I was wrong.

I was young when I made my assumptions but I was not so old when I realised the truth.

Even the world can break your heart.

It started with disappointment that turned to anger and then I fell apart. The world was breaking my heart on a daily basis. Hate, violence, selfishness, fear. It all swept across the world leaving pain and destruction.

The news left cracks in my heart daily.

Humanity stomped on it at every turn.

I felt powerless. I felt useless. I felt hopeless.

I cried, heartbroken.

I screamed at the sky, at the universe. “Why are you letting this happen? Why are you breaking my heart?”

There was no response and the world grew worse.

I couldn’t understand why we were doing this to each other, to the planet, and everything that lived on it. What was wrong with us? Why did we do these things? Why did we let it happen?

Why did I?

My voice had never been loud. I had been silenced young, programmed to be seen and not heard. Treated as less and conditioned to try to be invisible.

It was no excuse. I had not stood up to save the world. I had not stood up to save myself.

I had helped my own heart break.

But every heartbreak heals. Even if it does leave a scar. Heartbreak changes us. So, when the world broke my heart, I learned to heal.

Not completely. Love does not work that way. Even this love.

My heart still hurts but I am no longer lost in that pain and without hope.

I will be seen and I will be heard.

You broke my heart. You made me this way. And now you have to hear what I have to say.

The world is broken and it is breaking us down. You are either part of the problem or you are part of the solution. The world is too far gone for it to be anywhere in between.

My name is Tia. I will be part of the solution. The world is broken but it can be fixed. It can be healed. It will never be as it used to be. But looking back on our history, why would you want it to be?


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  1. this was brought home to me when we moved to where we are now. the migrating birds used to land on the vacant piece of land across the road from where we live. their is houses there now, where are they going to migrate to now?????

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