Today’s inspiration took a long while to get moving but now that it has I think it could become something larger one day, depending on interest and the willingness of the muse. So let me know if you want to know more…

To A Happier Place

“There once was a girl worthy of a song. It was not right for misery to be visited on her. He wanted to save her from it, take her away where they could not find her again. But they were only sixteen and there was little he could do to take her from her family. Instead, here family took her from him. They moved and he cried when she drove away.”

“Did she die?”

“What? No.” He shook his head and laughed at his daughter, good-naturedly of course. “You’re as dramatic as your mother.”

“Did he save her then, drive after her and take her away to a better place.”

“He did not.”

“Well, this is a terrible bedtime story, Dad.”

“You’re not letting me tell it.”


“I’ll skip to the good parts, shall I?”

From the hallway, Kaitlyn listened and knew that her husband was going to skip many of the parts. At least she hoped he would. The truth of the story was not one that needed to be shared with their daughter.

They had grown up as neighbours. Her childhood had not been happy, her family had moved away from the only good thing in her life. In their new home, things grew worse and she ran away.

A life on the street was not better, but it was not worse.

For a pretty young girl, she learned how to make money on the street. She did things she did not want to, for people she did not like. And that was where Declan had found her again.

They had not seen each other since they were sixteen years old but he had known her instantly. She had been thinner than then. Dirtier. Her clothes were all the wrong sizes. Her hair was a mess of knots and grease. She had dirt and blood dried on her face. The cleanest thing about her was the handcuffs that circled her wrists as she was lead to the police car by his partner.

“Kaitlyn? My god Kaitlyn, what are you doing here?”

“You know this girl?” His partner looked at her with disdain. “Wait, this is Kaitlyn?”

It took her a moment to recognise him. She had not seen him in such a long time and she had not thought to see him again. Plus, his face was hidden behind a thick beard now. “Declan?”

He had removed her handcuffs and despite the state of her, he had hugged her tight to him.

She was glad to see him of course, but she was also deeply horrified to have him see her like this. Declan had been her first love, in many ways, her only love. Her life did not lead towards love, she had given up her dignity but never her heart. It was the only thing she had left of her own.

But here he was, a good man, a lawman.

Over the next week, he had her charges dropped and he took her in. He was a good man, and he had never forgotten her. And when he looked at her, Declan saw something that Kaitlyn could not believe existed anymore. But how could she tell him who she had become, what she had done, while he looked at her so tenderly?

“Dad! That did not happen!” Kaitlyn was pulled back from the past to the now.

“It’s true. He arrested his one true love because she punched a bully in the teeth.”

“You did not. I mean he did not.” Sara, their daughter, giggled.

“Eh gads, you figured out the truth.”

Kaitlyn wondered as she listened to her husband and daughter if it was time to tell their daughter the truth. She was old enough to know the truth, and about her mother and her brother. Whether she would think differently of her mother was a question that Kaitlyn was scared to find the answer to.

But it was better to tell her the truth willingly. Secrets had a way of coming out. Kaitlyn knew that well, she had tried so hard to keep secrets from Declan, and they had all come out…

But that was part of the story, and to tell it right she needed to start at the beginning. But it was already late. Maybe she would tell it tomorrow…



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