Words were hard today, I had to resort to coffee to even try to brain and even then it took forever. But eventually, the randomly selected lyric yielded to the Muse. This character hasn’t been introduced to the world yet, but I hope she will be loved.

Words that I’m hearing are starting to get old

“Stop with the insults. Stop talking. Just shut up!”

Elisaveta screamed the words, at least she did in her head.  She did not say them aloud. She never did. No matter the hateful, hurtful things her mother said, no matter how her mother put her down and tore her down…Elisaveta never spoke back, not since she was a child.

She knew she was nothing but a disappointment to her mother. She knew her mother wanted nothing more for Elisaveta than a miserable life.

Elisaveta came from a long line of powerful witches. She was heir to amazing powers. And yet she had none. No matter how hard Elisaveta had tried, trained, no matter who taught her, she could not master even the most basic magic. And for it, her mother hated her.

Elisaveta held the phone away from her ears as her mother spat hate and words of disappointment down the line. Elisaveta let her mind wander, as she so often did when her speaking to her mother on their fortnightly chats. It was a defence mechanism. What she did not listen to could not hurt her.

Her mind drifted to dreams she had been having lately about a dark eyed, dark haired, well-spoken man. Each dream was different but so often her dreams were about him. (Something she never told her boyfriend.)

The night had been cold and she had taken her cloak when she snuck out. The travellers were on the beach, the only place they were allowed to stay by the pompous men in town led by the hateful man of God who had already burned two of her friends.

It was foolish to sneak out but she wanted to see the travellers and hear their music. She loved their music, she loved to dance and twirl to the wild melodies, so she risked it. Tonight there were new people in their group. And he was there standing beside the other musicians playing the violin. He looked so serious as he played but then he smiled and she found herself grinning because of it.

He looked at her and she giggled.

He held out a hand and she took it.

They danced beside the sand and the fire making shadows dance beyond them.

And then fire approached men with torches and ill intentions. And she feared the flames.

“Elisaveta are you still there or are you off on another empty-headed daydream?”

“I’m here mother. There are police outside and I…”

“Thought you would be rude to your own mother and ignore me?”

“As always, your words are getting old, Mother. I’ll talk to you later.”

And this Elisaveta said aloud. She actually stood up to the biggest bully in her life. She hung up and looked at her dazed reflection in the window glass.

She had stood up to her mother. Would wonders never cease?



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  1. sometimes it takes years to do this. you can stand up for others, but find it difficult for yourself. Learning the skills makes all the difference. it is a shame they don’t teach these skills in school. oh well, at least you can teach your children. 🙂

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