Today’s lyric comes from Lynn and from an Evanescence song that I do quite love, Lithium. And as soon as I read the lyric I knew who the Muse wanted to write for. The stubbornest Fae in all the realms. Jaidee and Kelsen. Enjoy this little flashback.

Didn’t Drink Enough To Say You Love Me

“What in the name of the Ancients are you doing?” Kelsen’s grip was rough as he took Jaidee by the arm and teleported them both off the thin metal work of the arch of the bridge to her yard.

Jaidee sagged against him, looking up at him. Both of him. “Two blurry Kelsens. Oh, what fun could be done.”

“You could have slipped and fallen.”

“Coulda just gone boom home.”

“You would have gone boom splash. I doubt you could transport yourself two feet let alone home,” Kelsen replied and lifted her over his shoulder. He let out a growl of frustration as he carried her inside her home.

“I fear, your backside is nice even from here,” Jaidee remarked and tried to reach down to smack it causing Kelsen to nearly drop her as she wiggled.

“For sake of all things holy, Jaidee. Will you stay still! I did not save you only to have you fall and break your neck. Why on earth are you this drunk when we were meant to be meeting for a sparring lesson?”

Jaidee was strangely silent. She was drunk, very drunk. Not drunk enough it seemed to say why she was drunk.

It had been years since Kelsen had come back into her life, years since he had begun to train her. Their relationship had moved from wary, to flirty, to something more. He had shared her bed countless times and, most often, one of them was gone before the other woke. Today Jaidee could not do it. He probably did not even know what today was. Or what it had been. He probably did not remember a single thing about their youth. About the time before her short-lived arranged marriage.

Kelsen gently moved her from his shoulder onto the couch and blinked rapidly. “You are not passed out.”

“Seems not.”

“I asked you a question.”

“And I have no answer to give for as long as I live my mind is mine alone and no matter what has grown between us it is not yours to have, for we….”

And Jaidee pushed Kelsen away and raced into the bathroom. She made it in time. A Fae might have a different constitution to a human but they could still make themselves just as sick.

Kelsen waited until the sounds stopped before he went inside and found she was passed out on the cold floor. He shook his head at her before he cleaned her up and got her into bed to sleep it off.

“Foolish, woman.” He mumbled down at her. He wondered as to the reason she had wrecked herself and missed her training. Surely it had nothing to do with what had happened on this day so many years ago.

“I lo…”

That was what she had gotten out before Tienai had come running to drag her to a meeting with their parents. They had been together, cuddling under an oak. Being as intimate as they could without going further than was right. He had always thought she was going to say she loved him. He would have said it back.

The next time he saw her she was betrothed to be wed to another. Whatever was going to be said was not. Never had been.

And here she was drunk and not even drunk enough to speak her mind. If she loved him she was not drunk enough to say it. There was not enough drink in the world to loose his lips to such a confession. No, that time passed when she wed another over him.

He pressed a kiss to her temple and lay down on the bed beside her. He could not leave her alone in this condition. He sighed and could not help but smile at the thought that maybe she had gotten drunk because of him.

“Foolish, Bard,” He sighed again. “Sweet sleep and dream of us, if just for this moment.”

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