I’ve gone back to where it all began, working on one of the first stories I created in RP and taking it through to where it needs to be in novels. Tienai was my first character, Jaidee (Jai the Fae) followed. Teinai has been almost as loud as her sister of late, so she decided to tell some of the original story. Enjoy!

Take me away from me.

“Take my hand.”

“Will you take me away?”

“From it all.”

“From myself?”

“I promise, you will finally find peace in yourself.”

His smile was charming, his eyes were captivating. Tienai felt like she was being drawn deep into his eyes as this man gently ran is hand over the top of hers.

She was an empath, she should have known better, she should have known what he was doing. She should have known she was being mesmerised but she had spent so long denying her power, willingly ignoring it, that it did not help her.

“Will that be all, Sir?”

Tienai barely registered the man who had brought her here. All she could care about was the man with the charming smile.

“Yes, thank you, Thorn. You’ve outdone yourself.”

The man with the charming smile led Tienai across the room. He punched numbers into a keypad and the wall slid back.

She should have been worried right now, she should have been scared. She should have known better than to follow blindly. But Tienai followed the man through the hole in the wall and onto the staircase.

She liked this feeling of bliss that he created. For the first time in years, she was not being eaten alive by the agony of what had happened. She was not paying the cost of her curiosity.

It had been centuries but the guilt still gnawed as strong as ever. It had been she who had been interested in the forbidden magic. It had been she who had found the book. It had been she who had convinced Damien to try a spell. It had been she who had lost control of the Olde magic. It had been Damien who had burned. It had been she who had killed her own fiancé.

Now there was no guilt. Just this man.

She followed willingly. She followed him into the hallway that was a mixture of a jail block and a hospital. She did not even glance into the cells to see the misery contained within them. She should have felt the suffering. She was an empath, stronger than her sister, but she felt nothing and had no compassion and no fear.

She followed willingly as they turned a corner and entered a room with a thick and heavy door.

“Have a seat,” the man suggested.

She did. The chair was old. Hard. She sat smiling at the man and did not even notice the other person in the room. She did not recognise him because she was not looking. She should have. She was a twin. As her husband-to-be had been. She should have recognised him. But she sat smiling with no desire to look anywhere but into the man’s eyes.

She did not flinch or scream as heavy straps were used to secure her. She did not notice the marks carved into leather and metal. Ancient patterns that worked dark magic.

She did not flinch or scream as a needle was slid into her flesh. She smiled happily, glad this man existed.

“Did you wish a taste, Galen?”

The man nodded. “As if you need to ask.”

He chuckled, the sound was full of menace and the spell was broken.

Tienai became aware of her surroundings. Of the men. She finally felt fear and she felt pain. The needle in her arm pulled blood too fast from her veins and she screamed in pain.

Galen laughed and took the offered cup. He drank the contents quickly and his eyes glazed over. “More.”


“Now.” Galen roared and advanced on Tienai. His fangs were in her flesh before she had time to draw breath to scream. It did not matter; her screams could bring no help.

The pain was too much, her screams broke and her eyelids fluttered. A warm flush rushed through her body as she began to faint.

She heard her sister’s voice in her mind for the first time in centuries. She heard Jaidee screaming her name.

She knew that this time she had strayed into a danger that not even Jaidee could save her from. Galen had promised her peace. Tienai did not need the gift of prophecy to see her future. She knew that she no longer had one. But first, there would be pain.

And for the death of Damien she deserved it.




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