Rise above1

Rise above the mundane

Can you explain

What sets you apart

And fires your heart

To call you home

To rise up high

As you fly

And soar

On wings you never

Unfurled before

Launching from a destined place

If you face

The climb

The scraped knees

And begging pleas

But if you make the journey

Oh the view

But only you can achieve

So you can see

What you were meant to be


Did you ever think you were mundane

Or was there always

The feeling you couldn’t explain

Or express

But you couldn’t suppress

And you could not ignore

This constant calling

For more

Than you had for

What you could sense

Just out of your reach

And no one could say

Or teach

You different from the

Yearning inside

But you would hide

It away and


Pretend you were plain

How you longed for the pretend

To end

So you could go

From darkness to light

And be allowed

To burn bright

For that was your path

Though others might laugh

It was your truth

Your right

Born of fire and blood

To be an endless light

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