Writer Note: I blame Tumblr for inspiring this short story. This Alternate Universe story combines the story of Mamma Mia with the world of Captain America, Bucky Barnes, Howard Stark and our favourite, Peggy Carter from the Marvel Universe. I hope you enjoy it.

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Peggy stood on the stone balcony with fists clenched so tight that her short fingernails were still managing to dig into her palms. In all the years of the war, she had never felt the kind of horror she felt right now.

The war…

The war had ended and there was no place for her in that world anymore, so she had found a lovely little island in Greece that needed to be restored. She used her family’s wealth to help the town rebuild and then she had bought the empty hotel up the slope of the main hill.

Peggy had gone to the island for another reason too, she had gone to the island to raise her daughter. A daughter who had never known who her father was. Mostly because Peggy was never certain herself. It was the war, there was a lot of stress, she had not been even remotely regular and then, well, it hadn’t been like her, but things happen. Because of that she never really could be sure who was the father of her child. Had Sophie been early, on time, or late? How could she know?

And Sophie was the spitting image of her mother, so that wasn’t helpful in working out who it could be. Well, aside from the blonde hair but Peggys’ brother had been blond until his twenties.

Sophie had seemed okay with not knowing who her father was, she had never lacked for love.

But now, the day before Sophie’s wedding, she was standing in the courtyard of the hotel with the three men who had all had the chance to father her.

How in the blazes had this come to pass? How could they be here?

Howard and Peggy had worked together for a while before they had gotten involved. Howard was not the kind of man that Peggy would have ever thought she might be involved with, but he was different around her than he was other women. He showed her respect and thoughtfulness, and there was that cheeky god damn smile that had been her undoing.

She had ended it all the day she met Steve Rogers. Peggy did not believe in anything so frivolous as love at first sight, but Steve had stolen her heart almost instantly. It had taken some time, but they had eventually become involved. Then the worst had happened, Steve had been lost, presumed dead. There was no way he could have survived the crash.

In their shared grief, Bucky and Peggy had gotten very drunk and ended up in bed. Nothing but deep regret followed. How could Peggy with Steve’s best friend? How could Bucky with Steve’s girl? It had been one night and then it was done. They both wanted to pretend it had never happened.

Howard, well, Howard had charmed his way into bed trying to help heal Peggy’s broken heart. They might not be true love, but they were good together and Peggy found herself succumbing to his logic and his cognac.

But Steve was not dead, and guilt kept Peggy away when he returned. She could not face him knowing how she had betrayed him.

Especially when the morning sickness started.

Now they all stood down there, smiling and chatting with Sophie and each other.

Peggy let out a shriek and rushed into the bedroom, colliding with Angie. “They’re here. They’re all here. What are they doing here? They can’t be here. Not here, not now, they’re going to ruin everything!”

Angie did not need to ask who Peggy meant, she was Peggy’s best friend and she knew. Instead, she went and peeked out the window.

“Oh, you always said they were handsome men, and time has aged them like fine wine. Or cheese.”

“Cheese?” Peggy repeated as she flopped dramatically onto the bed, one arm covering her eyes. “They’re all stinky cheese, they stink. This stinks. Angie, we have to make them leave.”


Down in the courtyard, three men looked up at the now empty balcony.

“Been a while since I’ve made Peg squeal,” Howard said with a laugh.

Sophie regarded him closely. “So, you knew my Mum well?”

“We were colleagues during the war,” Howard replied. His tone tactful as he glanced sideways at Steve. He hadn’t seen Steve in years. Not since Steve had punched him so hard he went through an old stone wall. Howard did not want his nose broken again, nor his ribs.

“And you, Mister Rogers, you knew my Mum too?”

“She was my girl, and you can call me Steve.”

Sophie nodded. Bucky was shifting restlessly back and forth.

“Look, could we see our rooms?” he asked, keeping his gaze firmly away from Steve.

Sophie nodded and led the three men off across the courtyard toward the stairs. She couldn’t stop smiling. One of them had to be her Dad, but which one?”


Angie moved back into the room and dropped down onto the bed beside Peggy. “They’re leaving.”

Peggy sat up, staring at Angie in relief. “Oh, thank goodness.”

“Not the Island, the courtyard, I think Sophie is taking them to the rooms down the hill.”

Peggy groaned and dropped down on the bed. Why her? Why now? How did they even find her? But they would ruin Sophie’s big day over Peggy’s dead body. Which would not be hard, having them all here was already killing her.


Sophie led the three men down to the rooms on the lower side of the hill. They weren’t the best rooms, in fact, they were in desperate need of renovation but with the wedding, Peggy could not afford to work on them yet.

Three small bedrooms opened up on to a communal area, with a small hole in the ceiling by the dining area.

“If it rains tonight, which it’s not meant to. Just put the bucket under the kitchen sink over there by the water stain,” Sophie said.

Bucky and Howard both looked a little dismayed.

“This is it?” Howard asked.

“Yes, the hotel hasn’t been doing so well the last few years and we’re pretty full up for the wedding.” Sophie didn’t really want to say that and put her Mum in any kind of bad light but it was the truth.

“Peg should have said something, I could have invested.”

“Well, maybe you still can.”

“Are those the beds?” Bucky said, looking into the bedroom. Sophie knew why he was worried, Howard was the only one who was going to be able to fit in them without his feet hanging off the end.

“Think of it as an adventure, Bucky,” Steve said and clapped his old friend on the shoulder.

“You remember how our adventures used to go?”

“Adventures with my Mum?” Sophie asked, sitting on an open windowsill.

“Yes, with your Mum. I still don’t know who was scarier, Hydra or Peggy.” Bucky let out a sigh and looked Sophie over before glancing quickly at Steve. “I don’t think this is the best idea, maybe we should go before we upset Peggy more.”

“You can’t go, you’re here now. Something brought you here, something, like a siren call?”

Howard burst out laughing and Steve ruefully rubbed the back of his neck. “Oh, you’re just like your mother.” He sighed, and Sophie clapped her hands knowing it was the sound of complete surrender.

“So, you’ll all stay?”

“We’ll stay?” Howard said, throwing his bag down onto the small bed.

“Good, we’re not having a stag do or hen party, Mum says that’s sexist bollocks. So, it’s just a party tonight. You can come along,” Sophie said. “Come up to the main area any time after four, and you can tell me stories about your time with my Mum.”

Sophie left the men to get settled in. She had never really expected all three of them to show up, let alone together on Howard’s boat. But they were all here and she didn’t know which of them was her father. She really thought she would instantly know.

Now she needed some time to think and to try and work out how to tell Sky what she had done. He wasn’t going to be thrilled that she hadn’t already told him.


It was a little after six when Sophie saw Steve at the bar. He was surrounded by people but didn’t seem to notice any of them. Sophie made her way over to him. He had an old pocket watch open in his hand.

“Who’s the girl?” Sophie asked of the black and white photo opposite the watch face.

Steve snapped the watch shut like it was an automatic response to anyone seeing the photo. He was blushing, he glanced at Sophie and saw that she knew exactly who the woman was. How could she not recognise her mother when she looked so much like her.

“I never knew how to talk to a woman back then, still not sure that I do now. If it hadn’t been for the Howling Commandos I might never have ever, well, it was a different time…”

“You loved my mother?”

“Yes, I love your mother.”

Steve didn’t even seem to notice the change in tense, but Sophie didn’t miss it. She felt a little flutter of excitement in her tummy. Maybe she would get more than just the knowledge of who her father was…

“What happened?”

“I died?”

“You did what?”

“There was a plane that I was on, it crashed and everyone thought I had died. When I was found and returned, well, I suppose it was all too much for Peg. She couldn’t even look at me. She moved out here and I followed eventually but I was too late.”

Sophie could hear the raw emotion in Steve’s voice and she felt like she was pushing too hard. She decided to change the subject. “Where are Bucky and Howard?”

“Howard was starting with his own booze on the boat, and Bucky was down there with him. He said he was not good with crowds. After the war…”

Sophie nodded. “I understand, Pinky can be the same.”


“Pinky Pinkerton.”

“You know Pinky Pinkerton?”

Sophie nodded. “The Howling Commandos all come and stay here from time to time. I think they like to check up on Mum and seek out her advice most of the time.”

“And they come to see your Dad too?”

“My Dad?”

“Dum Dum…”

“Dum Dum?” Sophie looked at Steve and burst out laughing. He looked a bit hurt by it, but she couldn’t help herself. “Dum Dum isn’t my Dad. He’s special to me but…Dum Dum delivered me, he’s my Godfather. He and Mum weren’t, they’re not…that would be so eww.”

“He’s not your Dad?”

“No. He’s not my Dad.” Sophie’s heart began to race as she moment came when she thought she would reveal that she did not know who her Dad was. Grand plans of knowing instantly had been cast aside by the reality that she did not know. She could only guess.

“When I came here. I saw them with a baby, I assumed…”

“Oh,” Sophie suddenly understood why Steve followed and nothing had happened. “No, he’s not my Dad. More like an uncle, like most of the hundred and seventh and friends.”

“Is your Dad here then?”

“I don’t know,” Sophie admitted, shrugging her shoulders, her attention suddenly fixed on the high ball glass in her hand. “I don’t know who my Dad is.”

Slowly Sophie lifted her eyes to make eye contact with Steve. His mouth was hanging open as he stared at her. Before he had a chance to lift his jaw off the floor, Sophie’s friends surrounded her. She was lifted up into the air to much cheering and squealing. As they carried her off to her to the party, and her fiancé, she looked back. Steve was still sitting there; the same stunned fish look on his face.


Steve rushed down to the docks and straight onto Howard’s boat. “Dum Dum isn’t her father.”

Bucky looked up from his book. “He’s not?”

“No, Sophie just told me. She doesn’t know who her father is.”

Bucky went very quiet and still, and then jumped half a foot in the air as a glass broke beside him. His hand went to his hip, as did Steve’s both reaching for guns they no longer wore. Howard looked a little sheepish.

“Well, that was a waste of good scotch,” Howard said staring down at the broken glass. He looked up at the other two. “Only thing for it, we’ll have to crash the party tonight after all and drink there.”

Steve nodded, and Bucky scrambled to his feet. He looked very pale and Steve wondered how much the war still stayed with him. Once upon a time he would have known, like brothers they knew everything about each other, but not lately. They wrote to each other and every few years they would catch up in person and talk about their shared childhood memories, but that was the extent of their relationship.

Howard jumped from the boat onto the dock, leaving the broken glass behind. The other two men hurried to follow after him, strains of music coming from the hotel courtyard.

“Is that Peggy singing?” Howard asked, glancing behind him at the other two who had caught him up now. No one answered but all three men hurried faster, hearing Peggy sing would be a rare treat.


Peggy was the first person to notice the three men standing at the bar. Most all other eyes were on her as she sang to her daughter. Sophie and Angie both heard the tension creep into Peggy’s voice, they both noticed the way she started stamping her foot in time with the music hard enough that if she wasn’t careful there were going to be more cracks than just the one that ran through the dolphin in the centre of the courtyard.

The men seemed to notice that same tension and they split up. Peggy thought they were going to leave but no, they were just moving apart. It was just tactics. She could hardly blow them all up in a single shot if they weren’t together. Or was it divide and conquer? Those men had another bloody thing coming if they thought they were conquering her again.


Sophie felt a hand slip into hers and turned to find herself looking at Steve Rogers. War hero and super spy, and he looked like he was about to wet his pants. He pulled Sophie away from the throng of people all clapping along with Peggy as she headed toward the end of her song.

“I know why I’m here, Soph.”

“You do?”

“How long have you known that I’m your father?”

Sophie felt glee rise up inside her, he was admitting it. He knew, he knew he was her father. She had hoped that there would be a magic moment where the truth would win out and this was it.

“Not, not long,” Sophie stammered.

“Who’s giving you away tomorrow?”

“No one.”

“Wrong, I am. Our secret until tomorrow.” Steve leaned in and hugged Sophie so tightly that she worried he might snap her in two. When he released her, he had such a happy smile on his face and then he vanished into the dancers and revellers.

Sophie headed for the bar, she needed a drink, but before she could get there Bucky was in front of her. He put a hand on her cheek.

“Oh God, I’m your father, aren’t I? That’s why you invited me here, you wanted your Dad here to give you away. I know I’m not much as far as father’s go but I won’t let you down.”

He pressed a kiss to her forehead and then he fled leaving Sophie staring after him.

“What?” she said belatedly. Steve had said he was her father, he seemed to know. But now Bucky said it too and she was back in the same position she had been earlier in the day, not knowing just who her father was.

With a sigh, she made her way to the bar and leaned on it, head down on her folded arms. A person nudged her. “You know, if this wedding stuff is getting too much, you can always call the whole thing off. You know, some people just aren’t meant to be tied down. Seems I’m not, maybe it’s not for my daughter either.”

Sophie straightened and turned to come face to face with Howard. “What?”

“I get it, you wanted your Dad here. It makes sense, but you have to know, Soph. You are young, you do not have to tie yourself down. You can see the world, I can help pay for it. You don’t have to get married.”

Sophie stared at Howard. Not only was she stunned that he was admitting, as well, to be being her Dad but that he thought she should call the wedding off. He sounded like Peggy.

“I love Sky, I want to get married.”

“Then I’ll give you away tomorrow, and give you one heck of a wedding present,” Howard said. He awkwardly reached out and ruffled Sophie’s hair. Then, bourbon in hand, he went off to find himself a dance partner.

Sophie felt light-headed, three potential Dads had been one for all of two seconds and what was she meant to do now? She couldn’t have them all walk her down the aisle, and what was her Mum going to say about it all anyway.

Her Mum, where was Peggy?


Peggy had bolted from the stage as soon as she finished her song, throwing the microphone to the next person who wanted to sing. She had managed to trip over the microphone cord, scramble back to her feet and rush into her bedroom. Angie followed finding Peggy lying face down on the bed. She was speaking rapidly but Angie could only make someone of it out.

“I don’t know why they’re here, and I have brought this all on myself because I was a stupid, reckless little slut!”

“Wow, you sound like your mother right now.”

“Take that back.”

“Well, you do,” Angie said running her hand over Peggy’s back. “You know, Sophie doesn’t seem upset they’re here.”

“That’s because Sophie has no idea who they are or what actually happened. She just knows them from stories of the old days. Mainly from Dum Dum.”

Angie laughed, Dum Dum was a consummate storyteller. She could see why Sophie would be excited to have three infamous men here, especially if she did not know the truth.

“Don’t laugh at me.”

“I’m not laughing at you,” Angie replied. She put her hands on Peggy’s side and rolled her over onto her back. “You said they don’t know that Sophie is theirs. Perhaps they just thought it would be a good moment to restore broken fences. Maybe they missed you, Peggy, and wanted to be here for an important day. You could try talking to them?”

“Talking to them? After everything that happened? Are you mad, Angie?”

Angie straightened up and started waving her hands in front of her face with a vacant look on her face. “Out out damned spot, out I say! Fie, my lord, fie! You know, I did the best Lady Macbeth in Filchard’s whole class, and she said I wasn’t dramatic enough. Me, not dramatic enough?”

“What was she thinking?” Peggy drawled.

“But yes, I am mad, and yes, get off this bed and go and talk to Sophie’s Dads. Heck, I’ll help. I’ll go and find one and interrogate him myself.”

“No, what right do they have to be here, they haven’t done a damn thing for their daughter.”

“Peggy, Peggy, they didn’t know she existed.”

“That is entirely beside the point. They don’t get to show up now and take over everything. I won’t be muscled out by an ejaculation.”

“Then don’t be. You’re Peggy freaking Carter, get out there and take charge of the situation or I will.”

Without waiting for permission, Angie was off the bed and on the hunt for a man. Peggy groaned and sat up knowing that she had to act now before Angie and her dramatic ways made everything worse. Peggy glanced in the wall mirror to make sure she hadn’t ruined her makeup and smudged lipstick all over herself and the bedspread like a clown. No, it was all good.

Sighing Peggy rose to her feet and let them guide her out of the room, down the stairs and off to see who she would find.

She found Bucky standing on the beach, looking out at the dark ocean and starry sky.

“Bucky, what are you doing here?”

“I’m looking at the stars. They’re brighter here than they are in Brooklyn.”

Peggy sighed. “Not here-here, but why are you here, why are you all here, arriving on Howard’s boat?”

“Oh, Howard was sailing to find some inspiration for a new invention. Steve wanted to see the islands. And I’m, well, I’m spontaneous so I came along.”

Peggy stared at Bucky in disbelief. None of what he said sounded true. Him, spontaneous. That was a laugh. He had not been spontaneous since before Hydra had gotten a hold of him.

“And you just happened to be here the day before my daughter’s wedding.”

“One of those kismet moments,” Bucky replied with a shrug. He slowly turned his head and moved his gaze to Peggy. “Why did you never tell us you had a daughter?”

“Because she was my daughter. It was no one else’s concern. Besides,” Peggy knew she sounded hostile and she took a deep breath to calm herself. She did not want to give Bucky an episode by being a prize witch to him. “Bucky, you were the one who stopped talking to me after that night, when we thought Steve was dead.”

Bucky nodded his head after a few moments thought. He smiled after a moment. “Did you know when we found out we thought she was Dum Dum’s?”

“Dum Dum?” Peggy had been expecting him to say many things but not that. “You thought Dum Dum and I? I was not just opening my legs to every member of the Commandos.”

Bucky turned red. “I was not, I did not think, I wouldn’t expect that you…”

Peggy smiled and calmed her temper. Many things about Bucky had changed but it seemed that sweetness that had come out after his capture still remained. “Dum Dum and I are only, and have only ever been, friends.”

“I know that now.”

Bucky and Peggy both turned as screams rang out above them. Sophie’s name was being called and Peggy was running before her brain had time to register it. Sophie might be a woman now, but Peggy was still her mother and would react accordingly.

Sky was carrying Sophie up to her room, Peggy followed and kicked him out once she was inside. Peggy stood at the door and looked out seeing Steve and Bucky standing together looking like they both wanted to come in, Howard was talking with Angie, heads bent together. Peggy closed the door, she did not have time to worry about those men. Sophie was, as she had always been, Peggy’s only concern.

Peggy spent the night at Sophie’s side. Sophie pleading too much bubbly when she came too. Peggy slept in the chair beside the bed, as she had done a thousand times since Sophie got her own bedroom. Peggy could still see the little girl she had been. It felt like she had blinked, and her little girl had become a woman. It seemed like only yesterday she was tying shoes, blowing runny noses and braiding her hair.

As Peggy started to slip off to sleep and thought about the three men who might be Sophie’s Dad. She could imagine what her brother Michael might have made of this situation if he was still alive. Then again, if Michael was still alive she might never have met any of those men.


Peggy and Sophie spent the morning together, Peggy popping out to get them some lunch when they both admitted that their stomachs were making odd noises. She was just cutting up some cheese when Steve found her in the kitchen.


Just the sound of him saying her name was enough to give Peggy butterflies. Steve had been the greatest love of her life, and love like that lingered across distance and time. “Yes, Steve?”

She didn’t look up from cutting the gouda, and not because she was scared she might cut her fingers instead of the cheese. She could not look at him, she feared the moment their eyes met he would see the complete truth in them.

“Whatever happened to our love? It’s been nineteen years and I still wish I understood. It was real, it was good, wasn’t it, Peg?”

Peggy placed the knife down on the wooden chopping board. He had made her feel so alive, and something had died when she thought he had. It wasn’t just that she had been a foolish woman in her grief, it was something more than that had happened to her in his absence. She had found out she had another life inside her and she had to focus all her love on that.

But how could she explain that to him now?

How could she explain that just having him so near right now made her feel things she had forgotten she felt. He was so close to her, and yet, their love seemed so far away.

“You chose your job over me, and then you died. I couldn’t go through that again,” Peggy replied, trying hard to sound as casual as possible. She did not want him to know the truth of why she left or what she felt now. She just was not ready to have that conversation, especially today. Today was about Sophie and Sky, Peggy would not take that away from them. Nothing would ruin today, least of all a potential gene donor.

“Peggy, it wasn’t like that. I had to save lives, how could you expect anything else from me?”

“I couldn’t. I knew who you were when I fell in love with you, Steve. You were who you were, and I was who I was. And there was no place for a woman in that world once the war ended.”

“So, you ran here and, and started a family without me?”

Peggy looked up at Steve and the pain in his eyes was as sharp and cutting as the knife sitting on the chopping board. It hurt to see, but Peggy did not regret the life she had made and shared with Sophie here on the island. Not for a moment. She groaned inwardly and put the cut cheese onto the plates before picking them up.

“I have to go, Steve. I need to help Sophie get ready for the wedding, and then we start our walk together for me to give her away.”

“You’re giving her away?”

“Of course I am, Sophie asked me and I said yes. She is my daughter.”

“Yes, yes she is,” Steve said and moved out of Peggy’s way, so she could leave the kitchen.

She walked past him, pausing a moment as they stared deep into each other’s eyes. Then she walked away, knowing he would not follow. If Steve was the kind to follow, to try and fight for what he wanted rather than just fighting for the world, then life might have gone very differently.


Sophie was a Greek goddess as they mounted the stairs to the little village church. Ribbons and flowers woven through her long blonde hair. The Grecian style gown suited her so completely. Sophie walked ahead up the stairs, a wide smile on her face as her mother followed.

Peggy was a little more breathless when she reached the top than she had been at Sophie’s christening. Just another of the things that had changed in nineteen years.

They entered to soft music, and Peggy kissed her daughter’s cheek before taking her seat.

“Welcome to the friends of the bride and groom,” the minister began. “Welcome to Sky’s family, and a special welcome to Peggy, as Sophie’s family.”

Peggy made a split decision and stood up. “And welcome as well to Sophie’s Dad.” She looked at her daughter. “I have to tell you that he’s here.”

“I know,” Sophie said, pulling the veil back from her face as three men stood up. “I invited him.”

“How? I don’t know which one it is. You must hate me.”

“I don’t hate you, you’re my Mum and I don’t care if you slept with a hundred men.”

“I haven’t slept with a hundred men.”

Three men looked at each other and went a little pale. They each sat down before Steve stood up again.

“Wait, so you are saying that Sophie might be mine, but she also might be Bucky’s and she might be Howards?”

“Yes, and you have only yourself to blame. You died.”

“I’m not trying to blame anyone, I’m trying to understand this, Peg.”

“Excuse me, excuse me.” Bucky pushed his way across the pew and made his way up to the front of the church.

“Bucky, not you too?” Peggy sighed waiting from an outburst from him as well.

“No, Peggy, I just wanted to say, that I’m fine with having even one-third of Sophie. It’s more than I thought I’d ever have. You were the first woman that I made love to Peggy, actually, you were the last woman I made love to.”

A gasp went up from the congregation as people realised what that meant. A few made the sign of the cross and Peggy rolled her eyes at them. Bucky kept going.

“Sophie is an amazing girl, and if I can be part of her life, of your lives, I’ll take it. I miss having a family.”

Peggy melted. Aside from that one night of grief and bourbon, Bucky had always been family, like the brother she had lost to the war.

Howard was standing now too. “I want to say something.”

“But of course you do, Howard.”

“I have a son, a baby, as you know, but, I couldn’t be prouder than to have a part of Sophie as well. She’s a finer legacy to leave than some of my other creations.”

Before anyone else could say anything Sophie was talking. “You know, I thought when I first met my Dad I would know him, nothing could have been further from the truth. I still have no idea who my father is, and it doesn’t matter. I know what I want. Sky, let’s not get married. You never wanted this, not like this, and when we’re ready we can do it. But let’s travel, let’s have our adventures.”

Sky’s grin was huge as he pulled Sophie up into his arms in a bridal carry and kissed her hard. “God, I love you.”

The minister looked around, even more confused than he had been a few moments again. “Do I take it that there will be no wedding?”

Steve stepped forward. “I don’t know about that. What do you say, Carter? You’re going to need someone to boss around with Sophie gone, and I’ve loved you over half of my life.”

He got down on one knee and Peggy felt like her legs were about to give out.

“What are you doing?” She wasn’t sure if she was horrified or excited at that moment.

“I’m proposing like I should have done twenty years ago. I finally understand why you ran away and I understand. I love you, Peggy. My life has never been the same without you. Do you love me?”

“I do,” Peggy said. Her hands flying to her mouth as if she was surprised that she had said that out loud.

Two hours later, Peggy and Steve were married, and all had gathered for the reception in the courtyard down at the hotel. Steve was toasting his new bride.

“In our lives we have walked some strange and lonely treks, slightly worn but dignified –”

“And not too old for sex!” Howard interrupted, lifting his glass of wine and spilling the overfilled glass all over his arm and Angie’s dress.

“Howard!” Peggy growled, twenty years and she still used exactly the same tone to chide him.

Sophie blushed at the thought of her mother having sex, but put that mental picture aside and lifted her glass. “I had a dream, to find my Dad. Seems fitting I wait nineteen years for one and three arrive at once. Thank you, for becoming part of our family, for wanting me now you know about me. And this will be in the foyer if anyone has any questions about how this happened.”

Sophie pulled a worn-out leather-bound notebook from under the table and held it up. Peggy went very pale; she suddenly understood how Sophie had known to invite these three men to her wedding.

Howard burst out laughing. “She might be mine after all.”

“God help us all if that was the case,” Bucky replied good-naturedly lifting his glass. “To my two best friends and a love that was always meant to be.”

“Cheers,” the call went out and glasses were raised, drinks sipped.

Peggy smiled at Bucky with tears in her eyes, she reached over and squeezed his shoulder. Her hand found Howard’s next and they shared a moment. Then she was looking at Steve. Her husband. After all this time they were getting another chance.

She leant in and kissed Steve, her Steve.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too, Peggy. Shall we dance, I know I’m a bit late?”

Steve offered his hand and Peggy took it, smiling up at him. “You know what they say, better late than never.”


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