Morning, Monday morning, Hocus Pocus,

Oh look, it’s Monday morning, well for those of us not living in the past. (Ah, old Dad jokes are the best.)

This means I have a busy week ahead.  My to do list includes such fun things as vacuum, steam mop the kitchen…. slightly more fun things in working on ASL and Themedom….absolutely more fun things in having fun on Preshus Babies, writing 20,000 words minimum on Babypire and do a plot outline for TinkerHook since I had a breakthrough at about 1am this morning about Peter.

Gilmore Girls, Coffee,

How is everyone else’s week ahead looking? Time to get busy for me.

Bruce Almighty, Busy, Work, type,

Also, I’m thinking of putting the sort of prologue of TinkerHook up this week, who is in for that?

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