How much life have you wasted? How many chances have you squandered?
You say you are lazy but I know you are scared.
Scared of failure, of judgement.
But what would you if you were not scared?
What if you did not care about failure? What if you picked yourself up and tried again, or tried the next thing?
What if you did not care what they thought? What if you cared what you thought?
What if you acted like you promise yourself and others you would?
What if you followed your own advice?
What if you followed your dreams?
What if tomorrow really was a new day and you used it?
So long you’ve been feeling it. The desire for change, for more, for your dreams.
Who is really holding you back? Who finds the reasons, finds the excuses? Who is the one who is scared?
You wish
You long
You hope
Try something new

There is no time like the present and no person like you
So let go of the fear and just think what you’ll do

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