So yesterday I got asked to draw a friend a picture. Now this kind of art is not my forte but I thought I would share the result. I was in the mood of angels and love and this picture is that I created.


The words if you can’t read them are

“The Sacred Promise”

“You’re my Angel”

“Love Honour”

“Without trust there can be no love”

(As a little aside I’m not posting this to get critique or to be told what is wrong with it, or what can be made better or changed. Just sharing it to share something I created.)

0 thoughts on “My attempt at art of a drawing variety

      1. Or if you find one that feels right you could always tattoo them as well.

        I love spirals. I tend to do two-arm spirals, but I used to draw them all the time too. (Now I’ve got one in my skin.)

  1. It’s a lot better than you give yourself credit for. Have you ever tried watercolour pencil? You draw your outlines then take a clean brush wet with only water and use it to smear the pencil. You can make the brush more dry or more wet depending on how much you want it to smear. I think you would like working with them.. And you should also maybe try henna or celtic tattoo style designs. Your organic lines are very balanced so something so swirly like them I think you would do well at. 😀

    1. I purchased some years ago but never used them and then I think the wee man has inherited them and destroyed them lol. I always thought they looked cool but have never really tried them. Something to think on and look around for!

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