Sorry for the sudden quiet. I had been going so well with things, but as is usually the case when that happens. I got sick. Sore throat, coughing up body parts, a bit of a fever all the fun stuff that you don’t usually expect to get in summer.

What this means is the limited brain supply that I have had has been going on to working on the books and not on warm-up writing. Although I did start a new character of a more RP persuasion, and maybe I’ll post up the first part of her story tomorrow.

My cough is lingering as they often do, but I’m feeling a lot better. That means I need to jump back into things. I am thinking of making Lyric Warm Ups a three a week kind of thing instead of daily to take some of the pressure off. And I think I am going to have to put off the release of the second episode of City of the Wiccad until March. Regrettable but needed. Hopefully by next week, I’ll have an exact date for release, I’ll reveal the name of the second episode and reveal the book cover. So plenty to happen between now and the new book.

And after that, I might let you all decide which book comes next. Perhaps you’ll pick the first of the Faeted Tales, or the second Shadow of Avalon book, or maybe you’ll all be clamouring for episode three of City of the Wiccad. We shall see.

But rest assured I shall try to be posting a bit more often again.

Until next time. Be stellar.


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  1. FAE! And then we need to get something situated for coti that makes sense with stuff. I still want to revisit our rewrite we did that spawned so much in the future toooooo


  2. Hi, you probably don’t know/remember me… Bekka… I’m mates with K., aka Ke-Yana Drake, I use her computer and internet connection.. and I was helping K. check the internets and emails and saw your post. Just wanted to say.. you keep going! Keep kicking ass. I read something of yours a little while back, I think it was the intro for or an excerpt of Wiccad, and it was really good, I wanted to know more, and I’m reading K’s copy when you publish it in hard copy! Don’t let the lergy kick your determination in the ass, you can do it. You’re really quite good.. and as a writer in pretty much the same genre, I’m terribly envious, but you keep going. You can do it. … a stranger on the internet said so! XD ehe! but really round of applause and pompoms ‘n’ shit, you can do it!

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