It’s in Amazon Kindle’s hot little hands. Or rather their magical science wonder of a technical creation, chugging through the publishing process. That’s right, in just a few hours you will be able to get your hands on My Fair Catherine – City of the Wiccad: Episode 2.

Want to know what you’re getting your hands on?

My Fair Catherine – City of the Wiccad: Episode 2

Growing up Catherine never believed in fairy tales or horror stories. Yet, at sixteen Catherine discovered she did not need to believe in something for it to be a danger to her and those she loved. After defeating a murderous ghost, she thought the supernatural world was done with her.

When Catherine meets a handsome man with a troublesome reputation her normal life begins to unravel.  Dark forces claim her beau is not free to love her, and it brings a string of terrible murders to her door.

Will her ignorance of the supernatural world, again, leave her in danger as a new threat targets her?

Catherine believes in ghosts. She believes that a woman can be a hero. Will circumstances now force her to believe in magic, and vampires, that a woman can be the villain, and love can both heal and destroy?

Will Catherine survive her world changing or will a vampire do what a ghost could not?

Can Catherine live long enough to enter the world of the Wiccad?


At the conclusion of ‘My Fair Catherine’ find an exclusive sneak peek of Episode 3 of the ‘City of the Wiccad’ series as Jaidee takes us back to the City and to the danger the Order brings to Gabby, Benjamin, Maggie and her witches.


So check back soon for the link and you’ll be able to purchase and enjoy the next exciting instalment of City of the Wiccad. I can’t wait.

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