I have a growing collection of crafts I’ve created and a growing collection of items to use for making faebulous things and I really need a craft store to sell them. I’ve been researching for a while, and a marketing guru advised that it would be better to have a separate social media account for selling my products. Others have said the same thing in their blog posts.

Craft store here I come.

So, I’m thinking of making a new Facebook page, and maybe an Instagram, to sell my products on. The problem is, it needs a name. Another problem is, I cannot for the life of me decide on one. My creativity likes to take me in a few different directions. Jewellery is my major love but I want to make more hats, shoes and reading boards.

Collage of Crafts and Jewellery

To see more creations, you can always have a gander at my current Facebook page.

I really do branch out a bit, which is why I turn now to my lovelies. Anyone who is on social media knows, everyone has an opinion. And I want yours!

What name do you like best that captures what I create and offer?

What shall I call my craft store?

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I look forward to seeing the results and will update you all in the near future with my decision, and a page you can like and buy from. To begin with I will be offering mostly to New Zealand customers due to the shipping costs, but I am more than willing to chat if you are international and want to purchase something.

Get thee to voting and until next time,



4 thoughts on “Name my craft store

  1. I like ‘Wiccad Artistries’ but ‘Artistries’ is a bit of an odd looking word, (feels a bit reminiscent of ‘airstrikes’)….so how about………. “Wiccad Arts”??

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