Yay Nature.

Nature is a gift, one that sadly is not what it used to be in some places and one that not everyone can enjoy.

Now, this isn’t a piece on environmentalism, I am not well versed enough to stand on that box. Plus, a quick search on the interwebs will take you to the people who have the facts and the information on how we can treat our Mother Earth with more love and respect.

This is a post on the gift we get from nature and how we need to be taking some time to enjoy and benefit from that gift.

Yesterday I went into town and after a quick trip to The Little Book Shop where I got K a book he wants (unfortunately not the two books that come between it and the one he already has but I’ll check back for those), I went to meet the hubby for lunch. It had been weeks since we’d spent a lunch hour looking out over the ocean and chatting about things. Guess who was there too early and needed to kill some time.

Time for some sunshine!

Luckily, hubby works directly across the road from the ocean. Great for days like this, not so much when I think about incoming tsunamis…

Thankfully, there were no tsunamis due in, just some big loud crashing waves. I parked up and wandered across the stones. (Alas, this beach is made up of stones that love to go straight into footwear, the sandy beach is around the corner. I mean literally around the corner.) So, I got shoes full of stones and made my way to a washed-up driftwood tree sitting on the beach with a lovely view of the water.

The waves were pounding in, it was wild and loud and powerful. (Though this video I took on Instagram doesn’t do it justice and you need to have the sound WAY up to hear anything.) Even sitting well back up the slope I was still getting the spray of the surf on me.

And it felt AMAZING.

Nature at Napier waterfront

The warm sun, the cool spray, the soft wind, it was all an exercise in feeling alive and peaceful. Strange that waves that could cheerfully drown me could be so relaxing.

My writer’s brain went soaring to mermaids, selkies, and sirens. Stories were popping up wanting attention but were soon pushed aside to just enjoy the moment. Behind me was the bustle of business and tourism, but in front of me was nature in all her glory and I felt so lucky.

I haven’t been getting outside as much as maybe I need to lately. We all need it, that time in the sunshine. That time with our bare feet against soft grass or dusty dirt. That time staring up at the stars in the night sky. Or watching the clouds float across the golden crescent moon. That last one I did after class on Wednesday night. It was magical seeing this huge low hanging crescent with the dark clouds dancing across the glow.

We need nature.

It’s important for our health to spend time outside, but it’s also important for our soul. I often forget this. Though, in my defence, this summer made it more difficult to be outside. We could go from “No, I’m not going to stop hugging the air con unit” to “Huh, so the cobbled area can flood” in a moment. It didn’t really encourage me to go and spend as much time outside as I used to in summer. (There’s also that thing where I’m a little sun shy since I seem to not get the same protection from sunscreen that everyone else using the same bottle does.)

I don’t think I’m the only one either. I asked a few people this morning, most said that they just haven’t taken much time outside for themselves lately. One kept meaning to go sit outside and do some reading. Another has felt like they’ve been stuck inside for 42 million years with the Snowpocalypse. Another has been outside plenty with activities but doesn’t feel like they’ve stopped to smell the roses and actually find some peace in nature.

So, my suggestion to you is

Over the coming week, you find ten minutes to enjoy nature. (Snowpocalypse darlings, honestly, if you stay inside curled up in front of the fire I really don’t blame you. I would be too, you get a pass to try again the following week if you’d like.) But as for the rest of us, go find a tree to sit under, an ocean to look out over, a night sky to stare up at, a soft breeze to feel across your skin, a nice patch of grass to get your feet on or a rocky outcrop to sit upon. (Don’t be dangerous though, I don’t want someone falling from a rocky outcrop into the ocean under the night sky, that would not be good for your body or soul, or anyone else’s.)

I think you’ll find those few minutes give you something you might not have realised you were missing right now.

I’d love to hear what you do, or even seen a photo capturing the beauty of nature near you. I’ll be waiting to hear from you…

Until then,



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4 thoughts on “Nature is a gift

  1. Wow ……….. how amazing is that. I often use that picture and sound in my mind to go to sleep at night. that is when I can slow my mind enough to stay on that thought………… you are so lucky to be so close to the ocean. my favorite memories are being on the beach alone during a storm. the ocean pounding the beach, the wind so strong it is hard to stand up oh the energy rush you get………. just being surrounded by energy. you are amazing to bring these memories back. you have such an incredible gift. you are so amazing. keep up the great work and please, please don’t beat yourself up for not doing it more……. any time you can is a gift to cherish…….. love to all.

    1. Being out there in a storm sounds absolutely amazing! Aww, I’m so glad it’s having an impact and reaching people!

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