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But what does it mean to be a patron on Patreon? Well…

Do you want first access to countless tales as they come to life? Want to know what happens to Briar on her quest for answers and powers? Want to know how it would go if Snow White, Rose Red, and Belle were all alive in a seedy 30s world of gangsters, guns, and showgirls? Dying to know how Jaidee got banished? What the difference is between True Born Children of the Night and the Lesser Turned? Curious about the Wiccad from ancient times to now? And what it means that we are having so many natural disasters? Want to see behind the scenes of my dances and performances? Want to simply help a magical princess follow her dreams.

I have relaunched my Patreon and this time around I’m doing things a little different. Only two Tiers and so much on offer. The Faebulous get all the new short stories and the previously unshared, the drabbles, the one-shots, the new ideas, The Bloodied Briar, the new Fairy Tale Noir, polls, ramblings, and an entry into my big Wiccad Box of Faebulousness Giveaway (more on that shortly). The Wiccad get all of that plus the poems, the novellas, the novels, as I write and edit them, they get to be part of the process making suggestions and naming names, they get the behind the scenes of the dancing, creating and performing, and each month they get entry into the draw for the Wiccad Box of Faebulousness giveaway.

And what is that giveaway?

Well, I’ve been collecting amazing things and making pretty things, which all go into the big box, and every month I’ll be adding to it until we draw it at the end of the year so someone will be starting the new year in the most faebulous way. Jewellery, dress up bits and pieces, my favourite books, a steampunk or fantasy themed hat, kiwi chocolates and lollies, and plenty of other goodies that will be announced each month in a live video on my Youtube channel.

But wait, there’s more. Everyone who becomes a patron in the next month will receive a code to receive 3 of my City of the Wiccad e-books for free. These are “An All Hallows’ Haunting”, “Thief in the Night”, and “Succubus Ardour”.

So, jump along to Patreon now and join the journey. It’s going to be absolutely Faebulous, and very Wiccad.

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And if you were wondering, all writings already on the website will remain but all new writings will be posted to Patreon.

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