I’m not perhaps the best at being organised. I mean at work I’m great and fine, I get organised and things get done, when it’s for myself…well I have this tendency to procrastinate, and usually that’s because of fear. Well for the big things. I’m not scared of doing the dishes, I put that off because well…princess complex. I still live in hope of the day my magical fairies or tweeting birds arrive and do them for me.

But the big things that scare me, well I’m the queen of putting those things off. Whether it’s with watching Practical Magic for the millionth time, watching an episode of CSI I didn’t like the first time it was on, treating the internet like a fridge and checking every two seconds to see if something more interesting as happened… I know I’m not alone in that. God how many minutes of my life have I wasted refreshing FB or twitter or tumblr or any of the other social media sites to see if something is going on, only to keep doing it because nothing is going on but something just might! It’s terrible. And it’s something I’m getting better at not doing. Next step is to organise my days off, I’ve got things I want to achieve and I am going to achieve them… Granted some of those things I have no clue at all how I’m going to achieve them…but we’ll figure that out. We have to.

With that in mind I’m going to start with the whole list thing again.

Today’s list….

Ring the Panel and Paint people and sound like an idiot as I trip over words to get my car repaired tomorrow…that one gets a tick already. Been there…bumbled that.

Work out (Still deciding if we go for walk in the cold or if we do some dance/pilates/core secrets)

Clean the kitchen

Clean my car out

Write this blog post

Writing – Oh wow is this a biggie. It needs a list of its own so I can pick what I do today

  • Plot more and write more for Babypire
  • Edit Nyssa’s Tale
  • Rewrite Eiridis
  • Finish one of my short stories/novellas (A rose by any other name, Derek’s Destruction, Zarina’s story, Avenging the fae, the fairy tale princess story, COTI- Krista)
  • Finish plotting The Rosicroix
  • RP posts

And a few other things on top of that which I can’t put on here because of reasons. Oh and there are the things on my list that probably aren’t for today like

Find an agent

Find a publisher and get a contract

Design my art deco costume for next year

Birth reports that I owe

Finish all my in progress necklaces.

But hey, let’s not bite off more than we can chew in one day. Overwhelmed much, why yes, yes I am. Okay, list made, now to work out what I can realistically do today, what I can’t, what I have to.

And then…oh god….the tough part. It’s time to actually get to it.

Wish me luck.

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