Fan Fiction set after Captain America – Civil War and After Peggy Restored



“You kissed my niece?”

Peggy stood with her arms crossed over her chest, and though she stood far shorter than Steve she seemed to dwarf him in her anger.

“I…I panicked. I didn’t know what else to do.” Steve was a fairly pale man but all colour fled from his face as he stood before Peggy. He wasn’t sure he had ever seen her more furious. Not even that time she had shot at him and his shield.

“So you decided the best thing to do was to kiss my niece?”

“I didn’t want to blow my cover. Your cover. It was a dumb choice, I didn’t mean to make you jealous, Peg.”

“Jealous? Jealous! Steven Grant Rogers, this is not about me not liking you kissing another woman. This has everything to do with you giving hope to a girl who has been half in love with the concept of you since she was four years old.”

Steve opened his mouth and closed it again. It was clear he hadn’t thought of that. Peggy moved her hands to her hips and was about to open her mouth again but there was a movement in the doorway that drew her attention.

“That. That…you’re…but…what…”

“Hello, James.” Peggy’s ire melted away as she moved to embrace her old friend.

Bucky’s confusion was heightened because this was not the first time he had seen her this year. He had snuck in to see her when his memory was returning, and he had been so distraught to find hers failing.

“Peggy. But…” He shook his head. “I shouldn’t be surprised but…

“But you are surprised. It seems we three are very hard to kill. In my case, Tony and Vision would not accept my passing. But given the method, well, it has been a very well-guarded secret what happened.”

“Tony?” Bucky shot Steve a look that spoke volumes.

“He won’t betray her. Neither will Vision.”

“Are you sure?”

Peggy nodded, “They will not betray me. Tony is doing what he must for more than the obvious reasons, though I cannot excuse what happened on your last encounter, or a number of other things that have transpired.”

“I’ll reach out, Peg. See if I can’t make peace. For your sake as much as anything,” Steve offered and watched as Peggy’s attitude towards him softened.

“Thank you, Steve.” Peggy moved back to Steve and he took her into his arms.

Bucky getting a goofy grin as Peggy pulled Steve down to kiss her.

The three moved to the couch to talk. They discussed how the rescue mission had gone, Peggy had been at the lead of it, as much as Steve had tried to argue against it. Then Steve explained about Bucky’s plan in Wakanda with the aid of T’Challa.

“I might have an idea that could help, James.” Peggy never called him Bucky like the rest, or rarely, and Bucky never seemed to mind. “I think it might help, a twofer as they say.”

Peggy got a smile on her face that both men still recognised.


“Let me talk to her first, just in case the answer is no but given how it might help both sides, I have faith. I wouldn’t want to get your hopes up, though.”

Bucky nodded and smiled. He had no idea what she was talking about.

It seemed strange to have the three of them together again after so many years. To look at them you would think only a few years had passed but by their eyes, you could see the truth of all that had happened since the last time they had been together.

It had been two nights before the tragic train fight. They had been working alongside the resistance and had spent the afternoon getting a dozen children to a waiting plane that had winged them to freedom. The three friends had withdrawn from the rest of the commandos to enjoy a bottle of bourbon. Steve and Bucky could barely get tipsy any longer but there was comfort in taking the drink, Peggy had barely touched the bottle. She had not really liked the taste then.

Still, they were happy to drink together in the blacked-out room, taking a breather from the intensity of war. Steve and Peggy were known to be sweethearts and Bucky had spent much of the evening teasing. Steve had looked downright murderous when Bucky had asked Peggy to dance. Peggy had smacked Bucky up the back of his head and then kissed Steve. There had been so much laughter that night. The next time Peggy had been alone with Steve there had been no laughter, no teasing. Bucky’s death had changed Steve, but it did bring him and Peggy even closer together.

Now they all had second chances. With complications. They were outlaws. A modern day Robin Hood with his Marion and his Merry Men. Bucky had his complications from his time as the Winter Soldier. And Peggy had her own complications from the Infinity Stones that had restored her.

But they were together and on the same side once more.

“You two should spend the night and leave for Wakanda in the morning. I should be able to follow within a day.” Peggy leant her head against Steve’s shoulder.

“Peg, I have to ask. Will you tell Sharon the truth?”

“Not yet. It puts her in too much danger. When this fall out from the accords has come to a resolution and order has been restored, then I will tell her. Though it pains me to keep it from her.”

“And what about Tony?” Bucky asked. He was sitting sideways on his chair letting his arm drape down the side, out of sight. “Are you sure Tony can be trusted to keep your secret safe?”

“Though neither of you were around to see Tony and I, there is a strong bond that is very different from what I had with Howard. I was Tony’s Godmother and he can be trusted with this. Even if he is lost in hatred and grief. He can be trusted.”

Peggy was worried about Tony. His PTDS seemed to have worsened and she worried how bad it would become now he knew about his parents. She would have to hope he could forgive her for her part in the deception, they simply believed it was better that he did not know. It was above his clearance and could do him no good. She could only hope that he would keep her faith but she was concerned, no matter what she said to Steve and Bucky.

Of Vision, she had no concerns. He was where he had to be. And the part of him that was Edwin would never betray her.

The two men were appeased by her assurances and soon all were ready to retire for the night. Bucky hugged Peggy, his one good arm around her so tight it felt as strong as his other arm. He saluted Steve and then wandered off to find a guest room to claim as his own.

Steve followed Peggy to her bedroom. Though there was still plenty to talk about, neither were keen to talk. They chose instead to be in each other’s arms with nothing of the world to distract them from each other.

They both knew all too well how precious these moments were.


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