Music is a powerful tool for life.

We all know music and lyrics have had a great impact on my life, as a dancer and as a writer. I have taken much inspiration from it as you can see in the Tales. More than that, I have used it to express my moods and feelings. It really does have the power to influence and amplify our emotions.

With this in mind, I have been busy on Youtube making playlists. I was doing it on Spotify but sometimes the visuals of a music video add something to the experience. For example, take Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon. A great song and nothing against the music video but when you watch the song with a fan collaboration of scenes of dance in movies, well, it becomes something even more spectacular.

So, videos it was.

I have made a playlist for when I am wanting to be inspired by love.

I have made a playlist for when I just want to be inspired to write.

After that, I made a playlist that inspired me for Jaidee and writing the first Faeted Tales book.

At the request of Jeannie, I made a playlist for those relationships that are nothing but good riddance to be over. (Not just romantically either.)

And finally, a made a playlist Empowered to be Happy. And that’s what it’s for. To inspire me to happiness. I’ve decided that I’m going to be listening to it in the mornings to start my days bright and bubbly. A lot of them are songs that are great to dance to. So when I’m feeling down I can just jump around. I highly recommend it. Even if you’re just stepping in place with a bit of attitude and some jazz hands. It really does help make the mood soar high.

What are your go-to songs when you’re feeling low and want to feel happier? What are your go-to songs when you’re feeling happy and you want the world to know? How about your loud singing car songs?

I want to know, and maybe they’ll make a playlist.

Everybody dance now!

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