I have a few friends who are struggling with absentee muses and writer’s block at the moment, so I thought I’d start sharing prompts again. I’ll try to share a couple a week on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/Pinterest and I’ll make a lovely page for them here.

The goal is to write words, whether it’s a line, a paragraph, a poem, or a novella. (No, I don’t actually expect a novella but I wouldn’t trust me to not end up doing that.) It’s all about just getting some words on a page no matter how many.

These prompts will range in style and could include the following.

  • Lyrics
  • Movie and TV quotes
  • Random words
  • Quotes
  • Random lines

And what I would love is for people to hit me up with what you write. I’ll share it on social media (depending on how you share it with me). The only requirement I’m going to give is that if you want it shared, you need to be following me on one of the social media platforms. I don’t care if you write something personal, if you write something for your next book, a random paragraph that has no home yet, a solo for your RP character, anything at all and I will share it with the world. The goal here is to encourage creativity and encourage more people in their creative endeavours.

And if you’ve got a quote, a line, a lyric, a random collection of words that you want to be used for a prompt just hit me up and I will add all things to the special spreadsheet of prompts.

So, today is day 1 of helping to bring more creation into the world. And since I am in a Wonder Woman place at the moment, have a quote from season one of the Wonder Woman TV show.


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