I have this problem. Some say it’s because I’m a Leo. I tend to have great ideas, so many ideas…too many ideas. This is especially true for my writing. I have a head full of plots and loud characters, I have new characters and stories jumping up. I often use RP as an outlet for the characters that I think might not go the distance in a story, or that I want to explore more to see if they go the distance. What this means is that I currently have a million and one ideas going through my head and nothing really moving forward the way it should.

I worked on Babypire the other day for the first time in ages. Got 800 words out before the neighbour decided to mow the lawns on the other side of the fence right by my head. The sudden noise of a lawnmower breaking through your headphones will wake you up from a writing zone out, let me tell you.

I hardly ever plot things out in detail, I’ve tried and by the time I’ve done that the muse is just like “Well you got it all out, I’m done.” And the story never gets finished but I’m thinking maybe I need to plot more on certain things. Like this Templar idea that my brain won’t let go of, maybe I should write that, plot it. I think it would make a fantastic movie honestly. Hmmmm, I don’t live that far from Peter Jackson and James Cameron, well Mr Cameron’s property anyway… It’s only breaking and entering if they decide not to pick up the idea right?

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  1. <3 I have boxes and boxes filled with notebooks and paper with a billion and one ideas. I keep them because one day I'll figure out how to use them. 🙂 Maybe you need an ideas box as well? Or… yeah… break into some famous director dude's house and present the idea. They might steal it but at least you can see your idea in pictures then. <3

    1. I have boxes and notebooks of ideas and it keeps growing. Not to mention all the word documents. I really do need to organise it all sometime. And Peter wouldn’t steal from me because he’s friends with my SIL so he’d have to be nice to me on principal. Right? heh

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