So, I have been quiet on here on the blog the last few weeks but it is because I have been a very busy Princess Bard.

Faeted Tales Book 1….

is written! 83,000 words later and many many hours. To say I am pleased with myself is an understatement. But instead of my typing about it, how about I talk about it?

My new Vlog is up on Youtube. So nervous still about doing these videos, but I did it. With pretty twirling included. I do love a good twirl.

So there you go.

There is me in all my Mermaid dress glory, thanks to Two Lippy Ladies. (If you’re looking for pretty twirly dresses go check them out, they ship if you can’t get into the store.) I shall be returning there again, so please, go and buy a book and help fund my collection of pretty dresses with floofy things underneath. I’m so excited to launch the Book Covers and to get Faeted Tales Book 1 edited and published.  I am hoping to do it as a physical book as well as an e-book this time. So there will be more work and time needed to get it out. Exciting times for The Princess Bard.

Now, back to work.

Be Wiccad. Be Faebulous. I love you.

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