As so often happens in my brain when I’m trying to work on stories already under way or get out replies for my writing/role playing….I end up with a new idea that isn’t really helpful at all to what I am writing. But I got it out and here it is….

There was darkness in her heart, that did not mean she was without goodness though. She was not soulless and she did not roam the realms inflicting misery upon the weak or the innocent. She was a force to be reckoned with if you earned her anger.

She was not the kind that many men would fall in love with, nor the kind many women would aspire to be. They feared her, they feared the empowerment she felt as her skin glistened with the blood of her victims. They feared the pleasure she took from taking the life of those she deemed wicked. She was fierce, she was confident and she was unapologetic. She was darkness but she was not without honour.

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