What on earth is it with red shoes? Christine thought to herself as she put the book down. This was the third time in as many weeks that she had come across references to red shoes being basically of the devil.

In this case, it seemed that red shoes meant witchcraft. Christine could only imagine that The Wizard of Oz was to blame. Ruby slippers that could carry you across worlds, magically changed feet, and shot off sparks. They were the most magical red shoes that Christine could think of.

Christine had always wanted a pair of her own. Yet, at 36 years of age, she had never owned a pair of red shoes. The closest she came was a pair of red and white sneakers but with the bright red fabric and thick white highlights, they didn’t exactly scream “I’m magical”.

Maybe it was time for a pair of red shoes in her life. Maybe it was time for a couple of pairs.

She was still trying to work out exactly what made red shoes so wicked. Was it because red was the colour of passion and rebellion? Was it because red shoes would match with red lipstick, and everyone knew what red lipstick meant…

Passionate and rebellious, that sounded like Christine, well, what she wanted to be. A rebel was someone who rose in opposition to the establishment and that was what Christina wanted to do. Especially as the establishment seemed to become more overrun by hate and stupidity as each day went by. Christine wanted no part in that, and she did not want to be associated with it. So, maybe it was time for some red shoes.

Oh, maybe even a little brooch depicting red shoes. They would become a symbol and a reminder. Ruby slippers to always remind her she had the power inside her. Red shoes to remind her she was rebellious and passionate.

“Darling, I’m going out.”

“What? Why?”

“I need red shoes to help grow my power.”

Christine’s husband, Dylan, got up and gave her a hug. “Whatever helps you realise what I already know. Just text when you’re heading home.”

“Will do.” They kissed before Christine grabbed her car keys and headed out the front door.

Red shoes of power. Magical ruby slippers. And yes, she would absolutely be clicking her heels together and making wishes. Anyone who didn’t think Christine would be doing that really didn’t know her very well at all.

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A note from the Bard

Some days it’s the little things that make us feel powerful. Some days it’s the little things that speak to us. For me, today, it was red shoes. Lying in bed I decided to open an email from Faerie Magazine. I don’t always do it because then I go grabby hands and NEED the magazine, but today I did. It was about Alice Hoffman’s new book coming out today ‘The Rules of Magic’. It’s a prequel to ‘Practical Magic’ and all about the young Aunts (and yes I want it). They posted a quote that made reference to Red Shoes with a clear association to all things wicked.

Rules of Magic Quote

This was the third or fourth time lately that I’ve heard such a reference. The most recent prior to that being Hoyt’s Mum on True Blood hating on them.

It got me thinking about red shoes and of course, my mind went to The Wizard of Oz and the ruby red slippers. I’ve wanted a pair for years since I first watched the movie at age 5 while eating Georgie Pie. Some of you may have even read the piece I wrote about how The Wizard of Oz speaks to me on a spiritual level, so you can see why I want a pair.

Sidenote: I now want to do an OZ related cosplay. Maybe Ozma with the shoes.

So yes, after this morning I want a pair more than ever. And I think red shoes are going to become a Wiccad thing. Passion, power, rebellion, witches, well, it’s damn near perfect really.

I’m adding red shimmery shoes to my wish list this morning and in my imagination, I’ll be wearing some. It’s time to be reminded that I had the magic all along.

Witch, I’m Faebulous.

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    1. It’s just before the Maynard episode. Hoyt is lecturing her on all the nasty things she does and says and in there is her hatred of red shoes and judgement of women who dare to wear them. So of course when she meets Jessica shortly after, Jessica likes red shoes so Maxine dislikes Jessica even more. And thankies.

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