A pair of Star-Crossed lovers, and friends, dance for the night.

So, as many know, I got to see Romeo and Juliet on Sunday night and it was magical. (If you want to see the pictures of me in my pretty mermaid dress that I wore, you can check out the Instagram post)

I expect great things from the RNZB, their Sleeping Beauty was one of the most gorgeous productions I have ever seen. The sets were divine (From memory Weta Workshops helped design them) and I fell in love with the fairies so hard. So, I had high hopes for this latest production. I was not disappointed. The sets were gorgeous, the dancing was so wonderful. The chemistry between Romeo and Juliet was perfect, you could see the difference in the choreography between Juliet’s dances with others and then with Romeo. The balcony scene and dance had me captivated.

Mercutio deserves a special shout-out. He really captured the right level of sass for the character as he danced.

Here are a few collages courtesy of an email from the RNZB

I learned two things as well

  1. The seats are small and not completely suited for the floofy underskirt I was wearing. But I regret nothing about that dress.
  2. Be ready to clap. Clap a lot. I was quite glad when someone started off the stomping. The clacking of heels on the floor was louder than the clapping and gave my hands a little rest. That said, they deserved every moment of the clapping and more.

It was a wonderful night and had Jaidee active in my head telling me that I needed to choreograph all the dances I have written for her over the years. Especially the flame dance, which honestly might be difficult because while I clearly have magical powers, they don’t extend to being able to make my whole body burn with red and purple flames that don’t burn anything they touch. But, maybe I can work out the moves.

That could be fun one day, to perform all the dances of the Bard.

I did do some dancing yesterday, I might be paying for that 50 minutes today with a few aching back muscles.

If you get the chance to ever see the RNZB perform do it. You will not be disappointed. And cross your fingers, maybe one day you’ll see the Bard dance.

2 thoughts on “Romeo and Juliet with the Royal New Zealand ballet

  1. I loved the picture of you in that dress, you look absolutely stunning and so beautiful……… did Kaeden have a sleep over at someones house…… you wouldn’t have wanted him at home when you both got home…… haha pleased you had a great night and loved the ballet.

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