She wanted to be strong. She wanted to stand up for herself. She got labelled a bitch by some, she lost friends that she thought were true because they couldn’t just walk all over her anymore. She got called names, she got talked about. It was hard. It was cruel but still, she wanted to be strong, she wanted to stand up for herself.

She had a kind heart and people abused that. She was a generous soul and people used that. She was loving. She was soft and she was gentle and the world was hard and cruel in places and people were cruel and abusive. Not all people, but more than it seemed was needed. Her heart ached because it seemed that people turned hard and cruel because of how they were treated, because they weren’t strong enough to overcome without becoming broken.

She wanted to help them all, she wanted to give them chance after chance, no matter how they treated her she didn’t want to give up on them and she didn’t want them to dislike her.

It went on, the years passed and her heart grew sore, her soul started to fracture. She couldn’t go on without breaking. She was going to change…for the worse if she didn’t stop, for the better if she was strong enough to act.

So she changed. She grew her wings. She flew above those who kept pulling her down, who kept pushing her down. It was tiring and her wings hurt. It was hard work and it would have been so easy to drop back down, but she had to keep flying if she wanted to get anywhere.

People wanted to squish her like a bug, people wanted to rip her wings off, but some people, some people smiled to see her beauty, some people marvelled to see her fly and some people blew gently into the air to help her soar.

She wanted to be strong. She wanted to stand up for herself. She stood up for herself and found she could fly.

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