You know what happens when you complain? Someone will tell you a way to fix things to stop complaining. In this case I was grizzling that I’m suffering from a dead brain, an absent muse and the hangover of Daylight Savings starting this weekend here in New Zealand (don’t ask me why we have it so early in the spring, I wasn’t listening.)
So any way I got told to find a pretty picture and write something to go with it. So I found a picture, and I set my mind to it. And all I got was terrible terrible writing. I had planned to share here what I wrote even in an unedited phase but honestly everything I wrote was bad. Now I’m not saying that to get a flurry of “I’m sure it wasn’t that bad” comments. I know when I write something that is wooden and forced and dismal. We all know those passages, the ones that don’t flow and seem to be written almost entirely in clichés and end up with little or no point to them. That is what I wrote because I am simply trying too hard to write something for the sake of writing something.
Sometimes prompts work. Sometimes they do not. This is the later. And that isn’t a bad thing. Today I am tired and today the muse is comatose aside from the couple of replies I did get out and maybe for today that is okay. I do not have to knock out a couple of thousand words a day and no one else expects me to. Why should I?
So I am just going to let that pressure off. Oh and focus on the payroll again now that my break is over….

Oh and in case you were wondering about the picture that nearly inspired….

Pretty isn’t it. Maybe inspiration will still come….

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  1. *pressures you TONS because…. um… oh! because I’m addicted to the things you write, even when you’re having an off day because you’re just that good, and I think that picture might be inspiring me and mebbe we can see where it goes?* lol

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