She crawled across the floor, he watched her approach, tugging at the white collar at his neck which marked him a man of the cloth. His eyes took everything in, the lust in her eyes, the wicked smile that curved her lips and the seductive sway of her hips as she crawled.

“Be gone from here, temptress.” He spoke the words but they lacked any conviction, basically dripping with his desire for her. She looked more than appealing right now.

“Oh, are we going to pretend that we don’t want to play.” Her eyes danced with mischief and she bit down on her bottom lip as she reached him, her hands slid over his legs and she pushed his knees apart settling between them. She looked to his crotch and then back to his eyes. “You give yourself away.”

He let out a groan as she leaned in and nuzzled against him, his body reacting against her cheek giving more truth to the lie of him wishing her gone. “Succubus, be gone.” He murmured, his hands gripping the arms of his chair as she used her fingers and teeth to unbutton his trousers and lower the zip. Without any conscious thought he lifted his hips as she moved back and trailed his trousers and briefs down his legs.

“Don’t pretend we aren’t interested.” She smirked up at him, her tongue darting out to wet her lips and then she took him into her mouth and he grunted, hips moving to meet her, to bury himself. He couldn’t help it, he couldn’t hold back. She had a power over him, this seductive demon was a dream come true. He gripped the arms of the chair tighter, nails scraping gently against the wood as he fought to keep from tangling his hands into her hair, to take charge of this temptress. There were rules. He must not.

She was driving him crazy and his hips would not be stilled despite anything he might think. She licked her lips again as she pulled back and looked up at him. His eyes were riveted to her as she stood and slipped the sleeves of her dress down her arms, freeing them as she worked the dress down around her waist. He let out a deep groan as her breasts fell free of the fabric, perfectly rounded breasts bouncing free and it was all he could do not reach for her and suckle, kiss and nip at them. She lifted her skirt, moved her legs around his and pushed him back in his seat before resting her small hands around his wrists, pinning his hand right when he wanted to touch her. He could feel her wet and warm above him. She was teasing him now.

“You want me, admit your sin.”

“Never.” He growled but the growl was for her and not for the temptation.

She smirked and let go of one of his wrists, her hand vanished beneath her skirt and when she removed it she pressed her finger to his lips until he took her finger into his mouth and tasted the sweet taste she offered. He growled again, her smile growing as she lowered herself, still teasing as she rocked her hips over him. She felt so warm and inviting and he could hold out no longer. He moved and with his free hand grabbed her around the waist and thrust up at the same time as she dropped her hand and his lips claimed hers roughly. His kissed her with all his need and passion and swallowed her moans as he drove up into her again and again. She rolled her hips, moving up and down to meet him, ride him hard. They moved together and he made no attempt to deny anything now, leaving her lips to ravish her breasts until she tightened around him again and stole all control away from him. Eventually they stilled, both panting heavily and she looked at him and giggled. “I like young priest and the succubus, but next time I want to play incubus and the maiden.”

“Anything you want at all, love.” He grinned kissing her softly making her smile grow.

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