He had been driving her crazy all night, so close and yet each touch was casual. They were at a dinner with others after all, but still, just the smell of him, the casual glancing touch of his hand over her lower back, against her arm, his knee lingering against hers as they sat side by side…it all served to have her chewing at her lip and stealing glances at him all night, desire growing as her imagination went into overdrive.

They stood waiting for their cab outside the restaurant, his hands smoothed up and down her bare arms. “You feel so soft. So inviting, kitten.” His voice was a low growl in her ear and she knew she was not the only one who had been fighting desire all night.

They had barely gotten in the door before he was tugging her to their bedroom, he didn’t even give her the chance to remove her shoes.

“Take the dress off.” He commanded as he sat down on the edge of the bed, looking up at her as she stood before him. She bit her lip harder and giggled.


“Because I said so.” He grinned up at her and tugged her forward to smack her backside. She yelped and giggled.

“Well, I guess I better then.” She unzipped her dress at the side and shimmied out of it. His hands started running over her soft skin before the dress had even passed the knees. He left a trail of kisses along the edge of her panties, from one hip to the other and back, teeth nipping at her hip bones as he reached them. His fingers slid the cups of her bra down under her breasts, fingers teasing at the nipples until they hardened for him. She whimpered for him, quietly at first but growing louder the more he touched her. His lips and fingers made her body twitch as she stood before him and her breath caught in her throat as his hands slipped down her body and tugged at her panties.

“Let’s see if you taste as good as you feel, kitten.”

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