She was waiting in the living room. He had not been expecting it.

“Dove?” His voice seemed to grow husky almost instantly as his eyes took in the sight waiting for him.

She lifted her head and her eyes were shy. His mouth seemed strangely dry. A little black dress, shiny and smooth looking made him want to run his hands all over her, black stockings reached up her thighs and the little pink ribbons and black cord that ran up her thighs and under the dress made him want to drop to his knees and kiss across the pale flesh of her thighs she had revealed.

“Hi.” She bit down on her lip hard, her deep red lipstick coloring the tip of her white teeth.

“Hi, indeed.” He stepped forward finally breaking out of his trance and slid his arms around her hips to pull her close. “What’s the occasion?”

“Do I need one to treat you?”

“No, Dove, not at all and I approve.” He watched her swallow nervously, she was so hot right now, so beautiful and she was still shy and unsure about it. It all made him love and want her more.

He bent his head down and brushed his lips over hers, groaning as he tasted the strawberry gloss over the top of her lipstick, the one she knew he loved. His arms tightened around her and he pressed at her lips until she parted them and he deepened the kiss. “Love you.” He murmured, hands sliding down the smooth fabric to cup her backside as he stepped backwards and sat down on the sofa, she came down with him, her thighs straddling his thighs and this time she was the one to groan against his lips.

She pulled back. “This is okay? You like?”

“Are you kidding, Dove? I might never let you out of my sight again, and I especially won’t be with you looking like this, I’d have to beat up anyone who looked at you and wanted you.”

“Oh, hush.” She giggled and blushed and his hand slid up around the back of her neck and into her hair. She was worried about his reaction but he’d never wanted her more. She was everything he could ever want in a woman and as he tilted their bodies together and laid her back on the sofa, his body pressing down at hers, he planned to show her just that.

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