The first draft of The Bloodied Briar Part 6 is complete and comes in at a whopping 5800 words. Because we are in the mid-year school holidays here, it’s going to take me a little longer to get it edited due to Mama commitments and that it’s twice as long as most other parts. So I thought I would give you a little hint of what is in store for you and get you excited. Not only do you get a snippet from The Bloodied Briar Part 6 but you get a little character mood board graphic to get a glimpse inside my head and the story.

I hope you enjoy it! (And if you haven’t caught up on the last part of the story you can catch up now with The Bloodied Briar Part 5)

The Bloodied Briar Part 6 – Teaser

“Stay with him, Imelda. I shall try to make something stronger to slow the illness down. I can do nothing more than that.”

Imelda nodded and when Mati left the room she took her spot on the bed. Rico did not look peaceful in his sleep. His body was tense and he was frowning. He looked pained. Imelda wanted to reach out and smooth the lines from his forehead, instead, she adjusted her breastplate to sit more comfortably and, in doing so, she woke Rico up.

He stared at her. “You are the one who saved us.”

Imelda nodded and tucked her hair behind her ear.

He stared harder, his brows drawing closer together. “Your ears!”

“Are not like yours,” Imelda replied, slightly relieved that was what he was staring at.

With no thought for propriety, Rico reached out and ran his finger over the rounded top of Imelda’s ear. Imelda leant into the touch but it was over too quickly. Rico traced his own ear along the two pointed tips at the top and the long tip at the bottom. “You are not one of us?”

“No, I was born very far from here. Do you require water?”

“Does everyone have wings where you are from?” Rico asked, ignoring her question. He frowned as he looked at Imelda’s shoulders. He let out a sigh and closed his eyes. “I, I could have sworn…”

“No, they are not common amongst my birth race, and, Rico, they are still there.” Imelda gently stood from the bed, careful not to jar Rico and she turned around as Rico opened his eyes. Folded over her back were her wings. The did not shine when they were folded away. Imelda glanced over her shoulder at Rico, he looked so relieved.

“See, you did not imagine them.”

“Good. Good.” Rico started to cough hard as he spoke, spluttering the words out. The coughing worsened and he started to have trouble breathing. He began to grab at his neck and chest while he struggled to draw air.

Imelda could feel the danger, death lurking nearby ready to take Rico off from this place. She had not been given an order to save him yet, but given Imelda had often seen the rules more as suggestions. She would not wait for the order while Rico died.

“Lie still, just relax,” Imelda instructed Rico in a soothing tone as she moved back to the bed. Even though the room was dull with the candle light, Imelda’s armour reflected a silver brilliance that lit Rico up. Rico’s body shuddered as it fought for life. Imelda placed a hand on his chest and one of his forehead as he struggled.

Then with a violent spasm, he went still.

“No. No. This is not how it ends.”

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