Two weeks of school holidays went pretty quickly.

The fact that the kiddo was off visiting Grandparents for a portion of it did help it go quicker. I tried to take advantage of that time. I really did. But the fact that the local bug going around did not want to let go of me meant it was not as productive as it might have been.

But, hey, it’s Term 3 for school and a new day to get productive. I’ve made quite a few words in the last few weeks toward the first, as yet untitled, Faeted Tales book. There are many more to go. (This is what happens when you decided to completely change the plot of a book, take a whole section out to be a different book and just generally want to rewrite things because you’ve expanded the universe so much, and admittedly improved your craft since some of the original stories were written.)

So, the coming weeks are going to be filled with writing for Faeted Tales, working on a special treat that will be announced in a few weeks, working on my Wiccad Within affirmation card sets, and working on myself. There are about 42,000 other things on the to do list too but these are the main focus points of my days while the kiddo is at school.

So, with that in mind, this morning I focused on Faeted Tales #1 and sorting out which scenes and plots will make it into the first book. Next was working out which scenes need to be finished, edited, rewritten or actually written. There are a few that fall into the rewritten and written categories, whoops. So, I’m going to be a busy Bard trying to get them all done.

I give you the result of my morning:

Plot note for Faeted Tales Regal Reilly Plotting notes plot notebook


The decision is whether I start on a new scene for Faeted Tales or whether I go and tidy up my craft table so I can get working on the Wiccad Within affirmation cards I want to make for myself. I could also sit down and write the deadline times and dates for my To Do list. Admittedly, the other two sound like more fun.

No time like the present to go and make a decision.

Thanks for coming along on this ride, and remember. I love you. You are stellar. You are Faebulous!

Be Wiccad, I shall return.

And if you’re wanting to get in the mood for Faeted Tales, might I suggest going to my Tales area and catching up?

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