So randomly last night I reposted something on Facebook (as most of you know I barely use Facebook aside from random posts and pictures of the K-monster) so it was a perhaps Merlot related moment when I posted:


The following is what happened.

Them:  Your name is Princess Angelina Contessa Bananafana Fofesca III. You enjoy coffee and MURDER. When you were born is yet a mystery, for you have hunted down all who know the truth, for to know your actual birthday is to have the power to undo your witchcraft. Your eyes are made of diamonds, your hair of spun silk, and you feast on the flesh of those who cross you.

Me:  Jesus Christ!! Why don’t you just tell everyone my secrets. Goddammit

Them:  I left out your shoe size and favorite soda. >.>

Me: That is for I only drink the blood of those who would destroy me. Soda is for chumps.

And this ladies and gentlemen is why I love my friends. This might also be why some people worry about my mental state. *Twitches* I’m thirsty…

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