I don’t know if any of the rest of your writers out there have this problem or not…

Most of my stories I type straight on to my computer but the story I am working on which until I have a real title I’m calling Babypire, well this one insists on writing it by hand before I type it up. Which means I have written pretty much ten thousand words by hand to then have to type them up afterwards. It is time consuming to say the least but the words just won’t come unless I’m sitting pen and notebook in hand, or as seems to be the case, lying in bed pen and notebook in hand. The muse seems to delight in getting talkative once I’m going to bed.

This shouldn’t really be that surprising that a vampire wants to talk at night….

So does anyone else have this problem at all? Has your muse ever been picky on how they will give the story…or am I just even more strange than usual?

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  1. You’re pretty strange, love. 😉
    But I totally understand. I can rarely write anything if not on paper. There have been a couple of stories that demanded Earl Grey tea. xP

    1. 😛 Thanks I love you too hehe! I used to do all my writing pen and paper but especially since I started writing with Sam it’s all straight on to the computer which works for time restraints…

  2. Doesn’t matter. The work must be very personal to require pen on paper–trust it. I know a few writers who only write in longhand and cannot even think about a keyboard–as for me–I hated writing longhand and I hated even more typing ( too many x’s or white out) but I love the computer.Of course I’ve never been able to read my own handwriting!

              1. really?! awwwww 🙂 i got a few followers on here i’m new to wordpress back in my blogging days i had xanga then it died and i hated tumblr. so i’m learning it and i HATE my blog and all its writing -___-

  3. My muse is fickle and always wants new things. Like music or food, or requires me to shift my blasted office around again.

    My NaNo would only flow if I had certain music (Within Temptation, specifically the Heart of Everything Album), some variety of chocolate and some variety of liquid that had lemon in it.

    A certain character will only ever come out if I’m playing Breaking Benjamin, another Kamelot. Sometimes the muse wants me to just write directly into the computer, sometimes I have to start it with notepad and pen, sometimes I have to plot entirely long-hand via snowflake method before I can even start. Other times I have to complete an entire floor plan of the building in certain sequences. Sometimes a character will block me completely, even in the first draft so I can’t write any more until I go back and fix one piece of dialogue or a certain action that they don’t like… the pedantic demands of characters and muses is never ending…

    … however, I find that every single time when I indulge those silly demands, the prose always comes out better off. So I do it. 🙂 Keeps life interesting, I guess. 🙂

    1. Tis nice to know your voices are as demanding as mine are!! I haven’t had ones demand I drink or eat in a certain way yet, but music, and where I am sitting and so on. I indulge them because I love them and I want the story, same as you. Oddly one of my girls becomes very loud in my head when I listen to Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack albums I have. Evanescence brings out another. But it’s good to know we are similar in our demanding voices *hugs*

  4. I love your wackiness, as usual. Heehee. I have recently started having similar issues with Broghan and her beasties. While Broghan and Patrick are fine with me writing straight to computer, Nicholas is the old fashioned type who had me picking out an ornate journal style notebook and demands I write his scenes in pen…and he back-tracks all the dang time, so there are plenty of scratch outs.

    Broghan really likes opera and celtic music to get talkative and Patrick likes sports on in the background. I am definitely not a sports fan. But these things help them talk, so who am I to complain?

    Oh, and Ethan likes me to write in the dark with eerie music. Though his scenes are rare, so it’s alright. lol

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