The world is full of distraction right now.

I sit here trying to focus on my job, on the writing. Yet, I find myself drawn back to the distraction of the local news site to see if there are updates on the multitude of events taking place around the world. Have dangerous people stepped us closer to war? How devastating is the earthquake in Mexico? Where is Maria now, and who is in her path of destruction next? Each day there are new things in the news to ache our hearts and distract our minds.

Then there is social media.

Maybe just a quick check in to see if anyone new has RTed about the book cover competition. Or maybe I should just check and see if anyone has liked the picture of the blossoms and storm clouds. (FYI no sign of any dark clouds today and the blossoms still look beautiful. Have I mentioned I love this time of year for all the pretty?)

And one of my other greatest distractions…

Well, that would be my own head and all the voices and stories within it. Yesterday it was terrible. I could not focus to get anything done. I had a new character spring up and want some story written but a few hundred words into that Tienai wanted to talk about the races and species across the realm and how humanity has pushed them all into a few labels and stories over the centuries. Interesting yes, but also not what I need to be focused on. Then we ended up with a modern-day Wiccad voice. Also, amazingly interesting words and I love what I got written but not what was needed at that point.

And here we are today and my brain is wanting to check the news, check social media, work on seven different stories but mostly it wants to work on Faeted Tales Book 1 which we’re not meant to be starting the first edit on until Monday.

Ahhh, so much distraction.

How do you keep focused on what you need to do? Some days it is easy, others, I can best be described as SQUIRREL.

squirrel, distraction, UP,

I gave into it yesterday and maybe I will again today. If I end up editing Faeted Tales Book 1 early, then so be it. Otherwise, I’m going to try and retain my focus. Prince Kade needs my attention. City of the Wiccad needs my attention. Everything else is just going to have to take a number today.

I can do this.




3 thoughts on “The days of distraction

  1. My brain is CONSTANTLY distracted. When I can get it focused, I tend to do so by offering it small rewards. Like if I get x done, I can watch a short YouTube video or read a fan fiction.
    You can do it, Preshus!!

  2. Just relax and don’t stress or over think things. just let it flow and see where it takes you. Remember you are exactly where you need to be at any given time and I find chocolate works really well 🙂

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