I’m sure this is a common enough problem, I’m just not sure how to overcome it. See, this winter has been the worst for getting sick since I was maybe 16 and milking every illness to get out of classes. But this year I’ve picked up every bug that has come my way, perhaps it is underlying health issues (most likely) and I know about those and those are being worked on but the side effect has been that every time I so much as sniffle these last few months the muse decides to go and lock herself in a bubble and refuse to come out for most of the time I’m sick. This frustrates me to no end. Stuffy sinuses and fuzzy head and no distraction getting lost in the worlds of my own creation equals one grumpy and frustrated writer.

Was there a point here? Well yes there was, I again have a head cold that I am in the process of trying to exorcise from my body like a unruly demon, but in the mean time I want to write, I have the time to write and I can’t. Colour me frustrated. Anyone know a good priest for exorcisms so I can speed this along and get to writing. I have the ideas just no muse to give me the right words.

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