This blog post you are reading about reading is late. I would apologise but it’s not really something I need to be sorry for. You see, I had my bad luck three which came in injuries. I spent nearly a week unable to sit at my computer without pain. Sleep and I were not friends. When your knees are so bruised that the slightest pressure makes you want to scream, sleep becomes a hazardous exercise.

So, that was the reason why I have done a few Me Dates lately.

I had planned to write up the first one last week, my body said otherwise. But here we go.

The Reading Me Date.

I have a TBR pile that is, well, half a bookcase. So many books To Be Read, and honestly a number of books to be re-read. I have struggled the last few years with reading, I feel like I should be putting the time into other things. This year is shaping up to be better. Now, I haven’t read a book a week like I planned, but I am reading and it comes down to making the time for it.

Making a Reading Me Date.

In this case, I was in a lot of pain and could barely walk or sit comfortably. There wasn’t much I could do and I was getting rather grrrr about it all, so I adjusted my monster feetsies and made a plan.

I got myself together a lovely healthy lunch.

After browsing the bookshelf, I got a selection of books I felt in the mood for.

I got myself a pot of tea. (My teapot might not be large but oh, it’s cute.)

I got my fluffy blanket as it was a moody, chilly, autumn day.

I got comfortable on the big blue chair. (Which allows for more reading positions than my chair.)

Me date Collage

I picked a book.

Book post

After a few minutes of thought, I decided to go with Traci Harding’s Ancient Future Trilogy which I have in a large omnibus. I had read the books many years ago but wanted to return to them. The first time I read them I got irritated with the final book, I figured it might have been an irrational reason that had got me irritated. (I may have rage quit a few books and series over the years because of events that happen. I do the same with movies… Which is why I will never watch the movie The Mist ever again.)

Despite my pain, I had the most wonderful afternoon. By the time the kiddo biked home from school, I was feeling very happy and relaxed. And I needed it.

Over the next few days, I prioritised myself and had a reading Me Date each day. It was the only way I could get through the pain and frustration. There is nothing more frustrating than the helpless feeling of knowing you have about thirty million things that need to get done and you can’t manage to do any of them because your body is broked.

I read all three books in the trilogy in by the end of the week. I haven’t read that much in ages. It’s made me realise I need to make this choice more often. Reading is good for my soul, and it’s good for my writing.

I’m tossing up between a Charles De Lint and Craig Russell for my next Reading Me Date.

What are you reading at the moment?




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One thought on “The Reading Me-Date

  1. I have several books that I’m currently reading 😀 (I’m like Rory Gilmore when it comes to reading, I have one for the bus, one at work, one in my bed and one coming in the mail 😀 )

    Bus book: Cecelia Ahern: One Hundred Names
    Work book: The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley
    Bed book: Glen Duncan: The Last Werewolf
    Waiting for: J. R. Ward: The Thief

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