So I’ve been reading this article, I’m not finished yet but since it has Neil Gaiman mentioned I’m reading it. Now there are a lot of rules that people will throw around; ones that I’ve noticed that most writers have broken themselves, except one that seems to be the best advice for a would be writer like me. WRITE.

As in

Put down that remote control and write

Stop talking on the phone and write

Close that window of facebook with Lost Bubble and write

Stop staring at the ceiling trying to determine just how much time and effort went into that horrible swirly effect that looks like a dessert topping.


This is the best advice really. I had the amazing chance to see Neil Gaiman a couple of years ago in Wellington and it was just awesome and funny and everything. I really wish I had a copy of the talk he gave us. But he was so earnest about the concept of just writing and that is something that carries across on his twitter and tumblr which I follow. And it’s the same advice I got from my 4th form english teacher. If I don’t write then nothing gets written and it is as simple as that. And I am the ultimate in procrastination and I have this horrible habit of stopping writing because I have a sudden case of I’m-never-going-to-be-good-enough-why-am-I-wasting-my-time-I’ll-never-succeed. And so I go off and I pop bubbles or I watch an episode of Futurama I can probably recite. And I lose another day.

Today’s problem is everything seems daunting. I am in rewrite on a number of projects. Jai’s novel, Eiridis are the main two. Nyssa is reaching the stage of where on earth am I going with this and how is it going to be exciting enough. And it is overwhelming and a little scary so what can I do about this. Well Neil seems to think I should put one word in front of another and just keep doing it. So I shall. In a minute. I like this song that’s playing now…

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  1. Okay, so the puppeteer working my fingers on the keyboard would like to add to this that if she ever replies to an IM with the words “shut up” – it’s not to be taken as bitchiness, it’s because the flashing blue envelope icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen is freaking the muse out and killing inspiration… It’s more of a distraction lately than it had been in the past, and has been contributing to the difficulty of writing, which is lame. Super lame. Lamer than a horse that needs to be shot. Yeah. And STUFF.

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