I always wanted to change the world. It starts with changing myself.
I’ve been scared for a while now, of what trying means, of what following my dreams could lead to.
I look around and see performers, writers, artists, creators, believers, lovers, all being attacked with hate. I did not want that because I am not a strong person who thought I could take it. The smallest attacks, negative comments, they get to me. I was bullied for years and I become that small hurting girl again when people attack me. So, I have delayed, made excuses; not followed my dreams. Because then I cannot hurt and I cannot be attacked. I cannot fail.
But no more.
I always wanted to change the world. I wanted to fight injustice. But more than that I wanted to save people and give them the love they need to be strong and keep carrying on.
I realised while meditating in bed this morning that my creativity is my weapon to defend and protect with. It is my sword and shield. It is my wand. It is my bow and arrow. It is my weapon to fight for what I believe in in this world.
And yes. I will have enemies who try to hurt me, defeat me, destroy me. But you cannot be a warrior and not expect that.
It has taken me a long time to realise that I am a warrior. Just call me the warrior princess. This is my kingdom and I will fight for it and all the people within it. I will fight with the weapon I have been given. Creation.
I will create.
Every time a person finds love in my creations I will count that as a victory. Each person who finds hope, strength, or comfort, will be another victory. Each person who finds that they are not alone will be a victory. Each moment of hope and happiness will be a grand victory.
And I will keep fighting until long after the tide of the battle has shifted for us. I will keep creating as long as this kingdom needs hope, needs love and protection.
I am a warrior and this is my battle. No matter the enemy. No matter how I am attacked. I will continue to fight for what I believe in.
I am a warrior and I will be victorious.

xena, warrior princess,

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