So while I am meant to be writing for Faeted Tales, Jaidee’s story, she has decided that no, we need to write her a little piece set in the 50s or 60s. I think we can blame the song “They All Laughed” for this inspiration…

Jaidee and Kelsen

Jazz. There had been so many incarnations of music but none made Jaidee as happy as jazz. Her body cried out to step and move to the melodies and Jaidee could often not resist crooning along.

Tonight, she danced on a balcony overlooking the harbour and danced with her favourite man in the all the worlds.

“I can’t believe you agreed to this, Kelsen,” Jaidee laughed as he switched her hand through his and spun her back in against his chest.

“A bet is a bet, and this is not so different to the dances we have done when I was training you,” Kelsen replied. He swayed Jaidee to the music and seemed reluctant to let her spin back out of his arms.

They had been together for a week now since they had both returned from assignments. The last time they had seen each other had been when Isinial had taken over Jaidee. It was hard to go through something so intimate and not have it change things between them. So here they were, dancing on the balcony at midnight with the moon lighting up the ocean more than any of the weak lights along the waterfront. The city was so quiet right now, and no one who walked the streets below knew that above them two creatures they would consider fairy tale, danced.

The words “I love you” lingered on Jaidee’s tongue as Kelsen held her. In such a romantic setting, she could imagine he might say them back to her. But if he could not let her claim him completely during Isinial then he could not say those words to her now.

“This is nicer than you training me to defend myself,” Jaidee admitted. “Though, perhaps my dress is in as much danger of being ripped.”

A low growl rumbled in Jaidee’s ear from the man behind her. She could imagine the idea excited him. While romance and emotional intimacy were something that never truly passed between them, physical intimacy was something they were very good at.

Kelsen nipped at Jaidee’s neck. “I guarantee your dress will remain in one piece, one piece on the floor soon. But not yet.”


“I am a man of my word,” Kelsen replied and spun Jaidee out again, his feet matching the motion of hers as they came back together, his arm slipping around her back.

Jaidee could look up into Kelsen’s eyes. The weight had gone out of them and there was a cheeky sparkle about them that she had not seen since they were young. Perhaps before she had been married off to another.

Oh, how Jaidee wished she could read his emotions right now, but he was one of the few too shielded for her to sense. It came in handy for his work as an assassin but was not so useful for a woman who wanted to know how the man she loved felt.

Kelsen dipped Jaidee back suddenly and she let out a shriek, giggling after.

“You look happy, Jaidee.”

“I am, happier than I think I have been in a long time. Just for tonight nothing else exists but here and now. You and I.”


The look Kelsen gave her was so pleased and so possessive. It was the kind of look that made Jaidee’s heart race. The kind of look she had waited her whole life for from him.

“Kelsen?” Jaidee spoke his name almost breathless from the look on his face.

“Yes, Jaidee?”

“Dance with me.”

“I thought I was?” Kelsen pulled her body tighter to his.

“Dance with me, Kelsen. Make music with me.” Her eyes closed for a moment and when she looked up at him again there was no way any man could mistake what she was asking him to do.

Kelsen replied with his lips on hers. He kissed her passionately as they swayed their bodies against each other. Kelsen’s lips did not leave hers as he easily swept her off her feet and into his arms to carry inside the hotel room to the large bed.

Again, “I love you” lingered on Jaidee’s lips as he lay them down on the bed. But she said nothing. If he did not know how she felt by now, then he would never know.


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